Unique Wedding Shoes to Help You Walk Down the Aisle in Style

Aside from the wedding dress, one other item that lots of brides put a lot of thought in is their shoes. First and foremost, it has to be comfy. It also has to be cute and stylish so it goes well with your dress. Some brides would stop there but if you’re someone who likes to really dive into details, you can go the extra mile and do a little extra to make your wedding shoes even more special. Though they get the least exposure from your whole wedding look while you walk down the aisle, they take center stage once you kneel down the altar. Here are some unique wedding shoes to help you walk down the aisle in style.

  • Ballerina shoes – whether you actually dance ballet or you just have a deep and immense love and admiration for the craft, you can take inspiration from this graceful dance and add a bit of it to your wedding look by going for ballerina shoes. Yes, you can wear pointe shoes and dance your way to your groom (that would be really cute) but if you don’t actually do ballet, you can get ballerina-inspired flats complete with the silk lace up tie to go with your wedding dress instead of wearing regular heels.

ballerina inspired shoes pointe shoes vintage ballerina inspired shoes

ballerina bride

  • Crystal bride – your big day is your time to shine so why not complete your whole wedding outfit with something that will really make you sparkle: crystal encrusted shoes. Shoes like these are like the icing to the cake. They’re the perfect final touch that will really glam up your whole look.

bridal shoes with rhinestones fine crystals on wedding shoes blinged out wedding shoes

  • Barefoot sandals – getting married on the beach? Heels aren’t going to be very comfortable to walk in, even when you have a carpet that leads to the aisle plus heels just don’t feel right (they don’t belong in the beach) so why not look for something more fitting to wear on your wedding day like barefoot sandals? They’re pretty popular and you can find them almost anywhere. You can even make your own if you want it personalized or you can have it customized online.

bridal barefoot sandals dainty barefoot jewelry feet jewelry for beach brides

  • Bring on the bright shoes – gone are the days when wedding shoes had to be white. Today, you can wear any color you like and one really cute idea is to wear bright colored shoes so that when you walk down the aisle, they make a peek-a-boo appearance that just makes your whole look more fun and vibrant.

something blue for your weddin red wedding shoes matching yellow pop of color

  • Sole mate – give your front row guests’ eyes a treat by doing something fun, cute and romantic to the soles of your shoes (outer soles, that is) like bejeweling it with the words ‘I do’ or having something cute written on it like your name with the word Mrs. In it plus your hubby’s last name and your wedding date (keepsakes worthy!). These won’t only turn your shoes into a memorabilia of your big day but also as an interesting piece your guests can look at from afar while you kneel down the altar.

handmade i do shoes sole detailed shoes