Why choose Vintage Handbags?

Carrying a vintage handbag is synonymous with asserting a forceful personality! It shows unconventional, individual style that is unique. The important thing, no matter what you wear, is to feel confident.

Give free rein to your own personal style and imagination! Recently, handbags have become more than just an item to carry your personal belongings. In past decades your handbag defined your style and your personality.

classic chain leather vintage bag for women

Celebrities today have started a new trend in defining style with unique, individual handbags! Nothing feels better than walking down the street or going to a party with a beautiful vintage handbag over your shoulder, knowing that no other woman will have the same bag.

vintage oil waxing leather vintage bag

Vintage handbags are the ultimate fashion statement that will last for years and years as well as giving a unique edge to your wardrobe. Vintage handbags are becoming one of the hottest fashion accessories around, but it’s important you choose well.

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Firstly, look for a reputable dealer who knows what they are talking about and has an established reputation for selling genuine articles. They should be able to provide you with some kind of history to the handbag and the year it was made.

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The difference between vintage handbags and retro handbags is that retro items are manufactured in the present to mimic the style of handbags in fashion years ago.
vintage  handbag for women
In the return of a previous style, old and new manufacturers reproduce earlier styles or fashions and may even call them vintage. Vintage designer handbags are precious commodities and may even be more expensive that they were previously.
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Vintage handbags are basically older styles that are no longer in the forefront of fashion. Typically they were worn and prevalent during the 1940’s through the 1980’s. They are also no longer manufactured and may have been kept by their owners or suppliers for years, hence the word vintage.
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Fashion trends never really go out of style because when they are no longer popular, they disappear for a while and resurface years later.  This is true of hair, clothes, shoes and handbags.

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However much you decide to spend, a vintage handbag enables you to buy a piece of fashion history and an item which will stay in fashion for season after season.
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It will enhance your look with style and elegance, making you the envy of all your friends – plus if you manage to pick up a designer bargain you’ll have some cash left to buy a second or even third handbag to start a collection that will cater for every occasion.
vintage leather bag for women