Vintage Style Dresses

Modern day style icons often wear  bohemian and vintage style dresses. Well maybe, that is one of the many factors that affect the style of people, girls most especially in this modern times.  Vintage style dresses can easily be described and noticed. Most vintage style dresses have these following features: stripes, vertical patterns, ribbons, and laces. Laces are sexy and it adds beauty to the dress.

vintage dresses

Pleats, pencil, and flowers, flowers are commonly used these days. Colors too play a huge part in dresses. In vintage dresses, pastel colors are mainly used. Black is often used in burials, so before it is easy to know what the occasion was.

Vintage style dresses

vintage style dresses

Not just in ordinary days vintage dresses are being used before. In summer, girls also make it a point to have the “Vintage Touch” to what they wear. Examples for the style of summer dresses are those who have flower designs, and polka dots. Laces aren’t that really in trend when summer. Same goes with swim wears. Vintage styles are designed with polka dots, laces, ribbons, and it is always made in pastel colored fabrics.

beige vintage dress

But in late 30’ to 90’, vintage style dresses evolved in many aspects. And it also depends from the character, personality and how the person carries the dress. I know we have Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and of course the Duchess Kate Middleton as our fashion icons now.

Vintage inspired dresses

But during the time of our grandmothers and our mothers they have Vivien Leigh, Katherine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, and of course Audrey Hepburn and many more. These women left a mark on the fashion industry, not just by being beautiful, not just being the person who can buy whatever they wanted to buy, but they gave every lady the inspiration to be the best woman they can become. They are not perfect, but they show how a lady should dress in the perfect fragile like manner, so elite and formal.

vintage  looking dresses

white vintage  looking dresses

Who would not want their wedding to be perfect? Everybody does, Women most especially. But also perfect wedding is not only about the church, the food, and couple. People who are part of the wedding have a big part on how the wedding should turn into the day to remember of the couple.

boho vintage dresses

Bridesmaids for example are the special person in the bride’s life. That is why, next to the bride, the bridesmaid should look beautiful too. Nowadays, sexy cleavage bearing dresses are in, also for the bride. In the late 60’ to 90’ laces, close dresses, and zero skin dresses are used. Example for t is the bridesmaid of Princess Diana, India Hicks, she wore a white silky puffy dress with a crown flower on her head. It is way different compared to the previous royal wedding. Vintage, I’d like to say that, vintage is the face of formality, elite, fragile, and being the woman that should every man’s wishes to have.