Wardrobe Must Haves for Busy Women

In this day and age, women are making it big everywhere, including what used to be men-dominated industries. Because of that, a lot of women today are getting busier and busier with very little time left for themselves. But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you should totally let yourself go and just let yourself look like a sloppy slob. No matter how busy you are with all the things you have in your hands, you should always make sure that you look, at the very least bit, presentable. Check out these wardrobe must haves for busy women that are sure to keep you looking not just decent but also stylish, even when you have very little time to get ready in the morning.

  • White shirt – for days when you just literally have zero time to think of what to wear, a plain white shirt is sure to come in handy. You can just throw it on and wear it with a pair of jeans and your shoes of choice and you’ll be looking like a celebrity off duty in an instant. You can also add on some accessories to give your outfit a bit more character and punch.

business casual white tee outfit plain white shirt

  • Blue jeans – another generic but very handy item that should be in every busy woman’s wardrobe is a pair of blue jeans. Blue jeans is the most versatile and most forgiving among all jeans styles / designs. it’s one of those pieces you can add to your wardrobe that would virtually go well with just about everything else you have in it.

cute blue jeans

simple plain blue jeans

  • An interesting scarf – if you’re the kind who barely has time to put together an outfit and you tend to resort to the same style / color palette for your outfits everyday then you might want to consider investing in a few couple of scarves that have nice and interesting prints on them. These scarves are sure to transform even the plainest outfit into something that’s definitely stylish and fabulous.

animal print scarf

  • A little black dress – on days when you need to go from desk to dinner in the snap of a finger, you can rely on a little black dress to easily get you through. Choose a little black dress that’s simple and has a clean silhouette so you can easily dress it down during the day and dress it up as you go into the night.

dressed down pleated lbd LBD and lace bomber jacket

  • Dressy flats – if you think flats are just for casual outfits, you’re wrong. There are casual flats that you can wear with your everyday ordinary outfits and there are dressy flats that you can pair with dressier pieces as well. Wear these on days when you need to be out all day while wearing something dressy or business-y.

nude dressy flats

  • A plethora of t-shirts in all colors – as mentioned above, a plain white shirt is one of the easiest go-to pieces you can wear when you have no time to put together a chic outfit but if this is your situation everyday, wearing a plain white shirt on a daily basis might not be a good idea. Change it up a little bit by investing in a plethora of tees in all colors. You can wear these on their own or throw on a blazer, cardigan or jacket on top. They’re super basic but really useful, especially on very busy days.

plain coral tee shirt olive green shirt