Wardrobe Must Haves for Spring 2014

Winter is almost over and we all know that summer is something that a lot of us are looking forward to but before we get to that, we’ll be enjoying the freshness of spring first. Yes, spring is almost here which means we can finally dress up in cute dresses and clothes without hiding it all underneath bulky jackets and sweaters. Here’s a quick list of wardrobe must haves for spring 2014 that will surely make your spring a season full of fabulous outfits!

  • Pastel-colored pieces – spring is all about expressing your feminine style and really bringing it out through your outfits and what better way to look dainty and girl than to dress up in pretty pastels? Pastel colored pieces are going to be one hot trend for the spring of 2014 and wearing them will not only make you look trendy and stylish but also more ladylike and cute. You can mix pastels with darker colors if you want to add a bit of an edge to your outfits but pastel on pastel is a really a cute combination too.

pastel outfit pastel

  • Cropped jackets – looking for something to keep you warm when the cold spring winds blow? Why not top off your beautiful dress with an equally cute cropped jacket. They’re another hot trend coming on for spring 2014. Add some stunning structure to your outfit by opting for boxy cropped jackets. These pieces come in a plethora of styles and designs making it easy for you to choose one (or more) that will suit most of your outfits.

cropped jacket outfit

cropped jacket

  • Contrast collar button downs – if you’re on the lookout for spring 2014 fashion trends that you can take to the workplace, check out contrast collar button down shirts. They’re hip, they’re cool, they’re chic and they’re totally wearable to the office. You can wear them with anything, too. From jeans to slacks to skirts and even shorts, contrast collar button downs can be worn with whatever you would wear a regular button down shirt with but the look is definitely going to be a lot more stylish.

contrast contrast collar

  • Bomber jackets – for a more sporty look this spring, bomber jackets are your best bet. Bomber jackets used to be very plain and simple but this year, for their spring comeback, they’re coming with plenty of designs, colors, prints and styles. Wear it on top of your outfit if you’re expecting to be out all night. It’s the perfect cool and edgy piece to complete your outfit for a night out full of partying.

bomber jacket bomber jacket outfit

  • Tea length skirts – if you still haven’t found the perfect piece for you to truly express your dainty, feminine sense of style for spring this year, you should know that tea length skirts are going to be on trend and if that isn’t girly and romantic enough for you, I don’t know what is. Tea length skirts are perfect for getting a bit of the old world glam charm into your outfit and your overall look. Pair them with other girly pieces like a lace top or a pair of sexy heels to complete your look.

tea length skirt tea length