Wardrobe Must Haves for the 20-something Fashionista

Having a wardrobe that grows with you is important. Just like you, your wardrobe needs to mature with every birthday that passes. Going from teen to young adulthood is one of the biggest changes you have to go through and your wardrobe has to get revamped during this time as well. You’ll want to ditch clothes that no longer fit you or no longer showcase your personal style and fill your closet up with clothes that make you look more polished yet still young, hip, cool and chic. A well-stocked closet appropriate for your age doesn’t come easy. You’ll have to save up for certain items and find pieces that really suite your style. It does take time but, considering the fact that you’ll be wearing this for the next ten years or so before you change your wardrobe up again, it’s well worth it. Here are a few wardrobe must haves for the 20-something fashionista. Check it out and see what you have yet to add to yours.

  • Denim jacket – a denim jacket is something you can wear all year long so if you’re buying just one, at least make sure it’s of really good quality. Splurge on it if you must, denim jackets never go out of style so it’s okay. Go for plain denim jackets, not ones that are studded, distressed or acid washed as these are the styles that are rather seasonal.

cool casual denim jacket denim jacket and dress

  • Striped shirt – on days when you want to get that grown up and chic look, just reach for a striped shirt and a pair of jeans and you’re good to go. Striped shirts are timeless and very versatile. You’ll be able to create tons of different looks with just one striped shirt and, if you get one that has really good quality, it could stay in your closet for the years to come.

striped shirt and a pop of pink

fun retro inspired striped shirt outfit

  • A cocktail dress – no, you probably don’t have that many cocktail parties to attend just yet but it’s never too early to get a cute cocktail dress and sport it with confidence. Besides, cocktail dresses are not just for cocktail parties. You can wear them to various events, too, like weddings or other kinds of parties or on days when you simply want to look a bit more glam.

flirty pink cocktail dress classy red cocktail dress

  • Classic skinny jeans – they’re more than just a passing trend now. Skinny jeans are here to stay so make sure you’re well stocked up on them. Skinny jeans are great for casual outfits but you can definitely dress them up and create a more polished look by wearing them with a button up shirt or a blazer.

classic posh skinny jeans dark skinny and pink jeans

  • An LBD – yes, you need an LBD now that you’re in your twenties and you need a really good one. When choosing an LBD, go for one that’ has a simple and clean cut and silhouette. You can go for something a little bit on the sexy side but make sure it’s not too revealing. You still want to dress for your age, right? Think of it as something you can wear on a date and at the same time something you wouldn’t be ashamed to wear in front of your parents.

simple lbd outfit LBD with lace overlay