Wardrobe Staples You Should Stop Buying in Black

When it comes to buying wardrobe staples or investing in them, we often tend to gravitate towards the color black just because it makes the piece much more versatile and wearable with other pieces. The color black can also make clothes look more flattering when worn and it can even make the wearer look slimmer. Black accessories can either make a piece look edgy or elegant which is why it’s also one of the most popular color choices we make when buying them. When you’re just getting started on building your wardrobe and you’re on a budget, buying staples in black (and other neutral colors for that matter) is okay. If you already have your wardrobe complete and you’re still buying the basics in black, though, you may end up with boring outfits day after day. Here’s a list of wardrobe staples you should stop buying in black.

  • Purse – a black purse can be the ultimate accessory. Depending on the style that you get, a black purse can add glitz and glam or a bit of an edge to your outfit or it could also be the perfect purse to carry along with a casual outfit. If you already have a black purse or two, stop right there and start buying the next purses in color. A purse is one of thee accessories that you can use to add a pop of color to a plain outfit so get one that will make your outfit pop.

big red purse pink balenciaga city

  • Blazer – another wardrobe staple that you should stop buying in black is the blazer. A black blazer looks great when worn with other colorful pieces but when you wear it with other neutral colors, it can be a little boring. Instead of wearing a black blazer, wear one that’s either printed or one in a nice color. It’s a great way to switch up a boring look.

cobalt blue blazer

neon pink blazer

  • Pumps – sure, one can never have too many black pumps, especially when you use them with your work wardrobe but colored pumps always add a nice surprise into any look. Take a break from buying black pumps and try buying colored or statement pumps on for size. If you want something you can also wear to work, you can try red pumps for a sexy yet sophisticated pair of pumps that would look nice with the pieces in your work wardrobe.

red patent pumps hot pink pumps

  • Tank tops – tank tops are great for when you want to layer your outfits and a black tank top goes universally well with just about any topper, be it a cardigan, a jacket a blazer or anything else. A colored tank top, though, is just much more exciting. Wear a bright tank top with a topper and see how cute and chic the peek a boo effect is going to be.

LC printed tank top yellow tank top

  • Undergarments – no one really sees this but knowing that you have something fun, quirky and cute underneath all those layers of clothes can make you feel instantly happier and more cheery. Unless you’re wearing something sheer, I highly recommend wearing something fun underneath.

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