Ways to Dress Up a Plain White Shirt

If there’s one thing in your closet you can never have enough of, it has got to be a plain white shirt. Plain white shirts are perfect for a lot of things like mixing, matching and layering to achieve several different look. You can also wear it on its own when you want something plain, simple, fresh and crisp. If you’re looking for a piece that you’ll surely get a lot of wear from, I’d suggest you invest in a plethora of plain white shirts – from tees to button downs and everything else in between. Read on and see different ways to dress up a plain white shirt.

  • Wear it with a statement necklace – because it is plain and white, it makes a great backdrop for showcasing a stunning statement necklace. One easy way to dress up a plain white shirt and make it look more fun and interesting is to wear it with a statement necklace. You get to keep the minimalistic look without being too much on the boring side of it. Your statement necklace is sure to pop when worn against a crisp plain white shirt.

colorful statement necklace chunky statement necklace

  • Wear it underneath a blazer – need a quick outfit that’s both casual and posh? An easy plain white shirt and blazer combo should get the job done. Keep it fresh and crisp with a white blazer or play it up with a nice and colorful one. Want to keep the minimalistic look without necessarily having to go monochromatic? Wear a neutral blazer on top instead. There are so many looks that you can create with this white shirt and blazer combo, it just depends on what blazer you choose to wear. This outfit idea is perfect with jeans for a business casual look or with shorts for a posh street style look.

colorful detailed blazer

blazer tee and jeans

  • Wear it with a colorful scarf – need a quick pop of color in your outfit while still keeping the minimalistic look with your plain white shirt and jeans outfit? Add on a nice colorful scarf and you should be all set. You can do this with a plain white t-shirt or with a plain white button down shirt, depending on what you feel like wearing for the day.

hot pink scarf cute colorful scarf

  • Wear it with colored / printed bottoms – got a pair of shorts, pants or a skirt with bold colors and prints that you want to wear but are afraid that it might too much for your everyday ordinary outfit? Use it to dress up a plain white shirt instead. Plain white shirts always make a great pair for bright colorful and printed bottoms because it balances out the look pretty well.

pink floral pants blue floral skirt

  • Wear it with a hat – yes, a quick pop of a hat to top off your whole outfit is another easy thing you can do to dress up a plain white shirt. Look dapper with a fedora or choose a wide brim floppy hat for a chic look. You can do this when wearing your plain white shirt on its own or when you’re wearing it as a layering piece for a more detailed outfit.

chic floppy hat black and white outfit