Ways to Enhance Your Figure and Add Curves

One of every woman’s issues when it comes to dressing up is their figure. There are a lot of women out there who aren’t very confident about their figure and don’t know how to dress it and what to wear to flatter it and make it look amazing. Curves are also one issue. Some women love them while some hate them. Personally, though, I think that curves on women are gorgeous. Having curves in all the right places makes your figure more feminine and attractive. Unfortunately, though, not everyone has flattering curves to flaunt. If you’re someone who would like to see more curves in your silhouette, check out these ways to enhance your figure and add curves naturally.

  • Wear the right kind of jeans – jeans are something that most of us wear all the time so it’s important that you invest in a few couple of pairs that will flatter your figure and enhance your curves. Analyze your body type and figure out which type of jeans look great on you. Do your hips look sexier when you wear low rise jeans? Do you think you’re better off with midrise jeans or do your hips need a little attention that requires you to wear high waisted pants? Wearing the right kind of pants is the first step to enhancing your figure and creating curves.

color for curves kim k high waist pants

  • Use a belt to your advantage – belts do more than just hold your pants up when they don’t fit you like a glove, they can also help you enhance your curves or create the illusion of shapely ones in case you don’t have too much. If you’re wearing a rather loose / baggy top or dress and don’t want to overwhelm your figure with it, a great way to enhance your figure and add some curves is to wear a belt. To wear a thin belt or a thick belt depends on what body type you have.

belt for curves

skinny belt on dress

  • It’s all in the details – sometimes, you overlook the details on your dress or your top but these small things actually help heaps in creating the illusion of shapely curves. Bandage style dresses and bodycon dresses, for example, have different designs that you can choose from and each design is made to enhance your figure and your curves. Be smart and meticulous when picking out outfits and pay attention to details as these can really help.

curve enhancing detail lace peplum style top

  • Know how to work with colors – certain colors make you look slimmer while some make you look a bit plumper. When it comes to enhancing your figure and emphasizing your curves, the best colors to sport are light colors including neutrals. This trick applies to choosing both top and bottom pieces.

sexy skirt outfit light blush color

  • Try tucking it in – don’t have much curves but want to make the most of what you have? A really good way to showcase your curves and enhance their appearance is to tuck your top in to your bottom. It’s a really posh look that anyone can easily pull off and it’s great for when you want to really get the illusion of having sexy curves.

tucked white shirt tucked shirt and skirt