Ways to Incorporate Tribal Prints in Your Outfits

Tribal prints are super pretty and they’re a great trend to sport for this season. Tribal prints can be classified into a lot of different categories but we mostly see the most popular one which is the Aztec print. Other tribal print designs are just as fab, though. Tribal prints are very colorful and intricate in general which can be a little intimidating when you’re trying to get the print in to your overall look. if you need help with working your way around these pretty patterns, check out our take on ways to incorporate tribal prints in your outfits.

  • Wear tribal print on your pants – if you feel like your plain outfit needs something to make it pop, perhaps you should wear unique and stylish pants. One way to make your pants look cool is to wear tribal print on them. You’ll find that a lot of leggings come with the tribal print design and there are also jeans that are designed with them but in case you’re having a hard time looking for one, you can always DIY your own. With tribal print pants, you can keep the rest of your outfit plain and simple since the intricate tribal patterns already do so much for the whole look.

pants outfit pants

  • Wear it on your head – here’s another unique way to wear the tribal print trend in your outfit: wear them on your head! Scarves and bandanas easily come in lots of tribal print designs so you shouldn’t have difficulty looking for one. Wear the tribal print scarf or bandana on your head like a headband to cover up a bad hair day and accessorize with glam at the same time!


head gear

  • Wear tribal print tops – if you don’t think you’re brave enough to sport tribal print pants, a simpler way to incorporate tribal prints into your outfit is to wear them on your top instead. Tribal print tops give your outfit great texture and color without being too ‘out there’. A DIY tribal print t-shirt, a sexy tribal print midriff baring top, a gypsy inspired tribal print mini dress – these are just some of the choices you get if you want to wear tribal print tops.

top top outfit

  • Wear tribal print on dresses – in love with tribal prints? Why not wear it overall on your dress? Tribal prints dresses are super chic and very gypsy looking. You’ll find everything from modern dress styles to Bohemian-inspired flowy drape dresses in tribal print from almost anywhere so you can easily wear this look which is really cute for just a chill night (or day) out or at the beach.

dress dress outfit

  • Wear tribal print on your nails – if you’re looking for other ways to wear tribal prints aside from having them on your clothes, how about tribal print nails? They’re cute, they’re colorful yet they’re subtle and not too ‘in your face.

nails nail art