Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket for Spring

Spring is officially coming and it’s just a few days away! Is your wardrobe ready yet? In case you’re wondering if there’s one staple item you should have in your spring closet, the answer is yes and that would be a nice denim jacket. A denim jacket is very versatile. You can use it to complete a casual outfit or to dress down a rather fancy one and make it more suitable for everyday use. This spring, a denim jacket would really come in handy, especially on days when the temps would be colder that you’d like. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear a denim jacket for spring.

  • Wear it with a sundress – spring is always about girly dresses and cute outfits so why not wear your denim jacket with a beautiful sundress? You can wear it if you want something to keep you a bit warmer than your sundress is capable of and you can just take it off anytime you’re feeling too warm for the weather. it’s also a great cover up that you can use when you aren’t feeling too confident about the way you look with a dress alone or to cover up your underarms in case you forget to shave and need to get dressed and look cute in a hurry.

sun dress outfit sun dress

  • Wear it with skirt – not sure what to sport that cute skirt you’ve been eyeing at the mall for a really long time now? A denim jacket would look really cute when worn as a sort of top along with a skirt, whether it’s a mini, maxi, midi or another style. Just wear a tank top or a simple tee underneath if you want (so you can leave it open) but wearing a denim jacket on its own is definitely ok too. Don’t like the feel of denim against bare skin? Try chambray instead. It’s got the look of denim and the softer feel of linen.

skirt outfit


  • Wear it with shorts – if you aren’t feeling too girly to wear dresses and skirts, you can still wear your denim jacket. This time, though, wear it with shorts for a cute spring time street style look. Denim shorts would help you achieve that denim on denim trend beautifully but feel free to wear your denim jacket with any other style / kind of shorts. Wear any spring top underneath your denim jacket to complete your look and really get that spring time vibe.

shorts short outfit

  • Wear it with a crop top underneath – crops tops are still going to be on trend for spring so if you’re planning on sporting one, you might want to consider wearing your crop top with a denim jacket for an extra stylish look. it’s a great way to dress up a street style crop top outfit and can also help keep you warm when the cool spring breeze blows.

crop top crop top outfit

  • Wear it with a maxi dress – aside from denim jackets, another staple that you should have in your wardrobe this spring are maxi dresses. And these two spring wardrobe staples look really great together. A denim jacket can beautifully break up the monotony you get from a maxi skirt without really clashing with the color on print of the latter.

maxi dress outfit maxi dress