Ways to Wear a Long Cardigan

Now that spring is officially just a couple of days away, you can start putting away all your winter clothes and start packing your closets with your spring essentials. If there’s anything you should have in your spring wardrobe, more than anything else, it would be a long cardigan. Cardigans are perfect for spring because they’re lighter than jackets so they aren’t that warm yet they can still provide comfort and a bit of comfort from the slightly cold breeze at night (or at daytime, too). Long cardigans are great if you want something that can add flare and a bit of drama to any outfit. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear a long cardigan. Take a look and tell us how you would style one.

  • With shorts – this is a personal favorite of mine. I really like the way long cardigans look when they’re worn with shorts. The contrast between the lengths of the two items creates such a casual but graceful look that you can wear any day. Wearing your long cardigan with shorts is a great idea if you’re looking for an outfit that you can wear all day, too. Finish off your outfit with ballerina flat-style shoes for a more relaxed and laidback look or a pair of sexy heels if you want to get a more polished result.

shorts outfit shorts

  • Floor length – if you’re looking for a way to add tons of movement and drama into any look or outfit, you should definitely look into getting yourself a floor length cardigan. This kind of cardigan will swing and sway with your every step so it’s perfect if you really want a dramatic thing going on. You can generally wear just about anything underneath. Shorts or jeans and a tank top or a tee would look very well if you’re aiming for something casual and easy while a maxi dress that’s just as long as your cardigan will give you that chic Boho look.


floor length

  • With a mini skirt or dress – like the look of an outfit composed of a long cardigan and shorts but wish you could make it more polished? Try wearing your long cardigan with a mini skirt instead of shorts and you’ll love how girly and posh the results will turn out to be. Just like an outfit with shorts, the difference in length between the two items is what makes this combination really interesting and stylish. Though flats would be a nice choice, heels are definitely my favorite with this kind of outfit.

skirt skirt or dress

  • Plain on top of a printed dress – make beautiful contrast in your outfit by mixing and matching a plain long cardigan with a printed dress (or vice versa, if that’s how you wanna roll, you know?).Any kind of dress would look okay but try to stick to those that feature simple silhouettes. You wouldn’t want your cardigan looking awkward on top of a structured dress, now, would you?

printed outfit printed

  • Kimono style – make your outfit stand out even more by opting for cute kimono style long cardigans. These kinds of cardigans are often made on light and sheer fabric with beautiful prints making them a really nice addition to your spring wardrobe. You can also use kimono style long cardigans as bikini cover ups once summer sets.

kimono style kimono