Ways to Wear a Muscle Tee

The temps have risen. It’s official. Summer is here! This year, alongside crop tops, muscle tees are one of the biggest fashion hits. They’re the perfect piece to add to your summer wardrobe, if you haven’t already, to get the ultimate street style look. There are countless ways to style and wear a muscle tee and each one lets you achieve a different look. If you live somewhere where the heat goes on full blast during summer, you should definitely look into getting yourself a few couple muscle tees to rock this season. Check out these different ways to wear a muscle tee.

  • With denim shorts – one of the easiest ways to wear a muscle tee is with denim shorts. Denim is the ultimate summer fabric so it’s a great way to give your muscle tee that summery feel. For a casual look, wear your muscle tee with regular denim shorts. If you want to give your outfit more of a street style look and feel, switch the regular denim shorts with distressed ones and finish your outfit off with ankle boots or a pair of your favorite sneakers.

muscle tee and denim shorts plain white muscle tee

  • With a maxi skirt – if you’re a fan of the maxi skirt but you’re getting tired of pulling off sweet, girly and feminine looks with it, why not try wearing your maxi skirts with a muscle tee instead? Muscle tees have a slight boyish vibe which will blend pretty nicely with a nice and flowy summer maxi skirt to create a perfectly balanced sweet and rugged outfit. You can also wear your muscle tee on top of your maxi dress to layer it up and achieve the same look.

orange maxi and muscle tee

blue flowy maxi skirt and muscle tee

  • With a pencil skirt – if you love the comfort of wearing muscle tees but don’t really want the whole street style feel of it, you can always dress it up and create a more polished outfit with it by wearing it with a pencil skirt. It won’t be something you can wear to work but it sure is a great outfit for a fun day out with friends.

bulls muscle tee and pencil skirt white blazer black muscle tee

  • With a blazer – another way that you can wear a muscle tee and get a polished look is to wear a blazer on top of it. adding a blazer makes your muscle tee look like an everyday ordinary top. You can wear this as a casual outfit to work on dress down days. It’s one of those outfit combination ideas that can take you from day to night in an instant: just remove your blazer and you’re ready to party!

muscle tee and blazer white blazer black muscle tee

  • With overalls – want to go all out on the summer street style look? Bust out those overalls that’s been sitting in your closet since forever and wear them with a cool graphic muscle tee. This look is super young, fun and hip and is perfect for those hot and humid summer road trips. Denim overalls are usually the overalls of choice when doing this look but you can always switch up the look and use a different kind of overalls.

light wash denim overalls muscle tee and overalls