Ways to Wear a Plain Black Blazer

One of the things that I’m sure a lot of women have sitting in their closet is a black blazer. Some people think the black blazer is strictly for your work wardrobe only but it’s actually more versatile than that. In fact some may even have more than one simply because it’s such an easy piece to wear and it makes a great go to topper for just about any outfit. If you’re building your wardrobe and you’re looking for pieces to really splurge on and invest in, I’d highly recommend getting at least one good quality plain black blazer. It will save you on days when you don’t have much time to put together an outfit. Check out these chic ways to wear a plain black blazer.

  • Classic and casual – one of the easiest ways to wear a plain black blazer is to sport it the classic and casual way. One of the most popular outfit combinations for women in a hurry is a plain white shirt and jeans and if you want to dress this outfit up a little, you can quickly throw on a plain black blazer to get the classic black and white casual look. it’s perfect if you want to do the minimalist trend and it requires very little styling too. You can keep the black and white theme going with your accessories or you can choose to add a pop of color to it, it’s entirely your call.

classic black and white plains and prints street style street style black and white outfit

  • Glitzy glam – a black blazer makes a great party outfit topper, especially at night since it is black. To make it even more party appropriate, you can choose to wear a sequined black blazer instead of just the regular one to give your look a bit of razzle dazzle. You can also wear your sequined black blazer with your daytime outfits if you want to have a bit of a glamorous vibe added to it. You can find sequined black blazers just about everywhere but you can certainly DIY your own too. For an all out glitzy glam look, go for a fully sequined blazer but if you want something less bold, a black blazer with sequined accents and details is best.

glam black blazer sequined black blazer daytime glitzy glam blazer

  • With a pop of color – depending on what you wear with it, black can either be edgy, elegant or just plain boring. To keep it from being the latter, make sure you add something fun and exciting to your outfit when wearing a black blazer, especially when your outfit is simple. A pop of color always livens and brightens up any outfit so you can do that with a black blazer outfit anytime. Add a colorful scarf. wear a pair of bright shoe or add on some fun, statement jewelry – these are just some ways to add a pop of color to your outfit.

tailored black blazer and bright purse fuchsia pop of color

  • Plains and prints – if you’re someone who always likes an outfit with lots of exciting and interesting details and can’t live with just solid colors in your wardrobe, I’m pretty sure you’re looking for a way to sport a black blazer in fun and stylish way. Mixing plains and prints is very chic and it’s a great way to add details to your outfit. Wear your plain black blazer with printed pieces like printed pants / leggings or a graphic tee.

tribal print skirt animal print pants