Ways to Wear Black and White

Black and white has always been one of my personal go-to color combos. It’s so versatile that you can count on it all year round. If you’re looking for a fool-proof timeless classic, you can rely on black and white to get the job done. Although the combination of black and white together in one look may be really simple, it has a very sophisticated look and feel to it that’s perfect for when you want to achieve a posh look without putting in too much effort. Check out these gorgeous ways to wear black and white and tell us how you like to wear this color combo.

  • White on top and black bottom (or vice versa) – one of the most popular and easiest way to wear black and white is to pick out a white top and wear it with a pair of black bottoms (pants, skirt, shorts, whatever you like). This is an outfit combo that you can wear anywhere from a date to the office to the bar. You can also do the reverse if you like.

black and white outfit top and bottom black and white white and black outfit

  • Black and white stripes – another really popular way to wear black and white together is in a striped pattern. Now, black and white stripes can be a little tricky to pull off because you can end up looking either like a mime or an inmate and nobody wants that. Stay away from black and white stripes from head to toe if you want a safe way to pull this look off. Choosing a very updates shape and silhouette for your look and also help you avoid this.

bnw striped shirt striped dress outfit black and white dress and tan accessories

  • Monochromatic outfit and accent color – monochromatic outfits are super chic and aside from being easy to put together, it makes you look taller and slimmer as well. One really chic way to wear black and white together is to wear a monochromatic outfit in one color and use the other as an accent hue. Most people would opt for black as this maximizes the slimming effect but if you think you can pull off white from head to toe with black accents you can do that as well.

black with white accents white and black accents all black outfit with white accents

  • Black and white floral – if you want a more grown up / fall-friendly outfit, you can also try wearing black and white floral print on your clothes instead of getting something floral in bright and bold colors. This will add just the right amount of detail to your look.

floral black and white floral outfit floral romper outfit

  • With a pop of color – now, if wearing just and black all over feels too plain and boring for you, you can always make it more fun by adding a pop of bright color somewhere. It could be through your jewelry, your purse, your shoes or any other accessory. It could also be a cute little detail on the design of your clothes.

red scarf pop of color neon accent colors orange purse accent color