Ways to Wear Black Lace

Lace is a very dainty and feminine material. It’s a very nice addition to an outfit that needs a girly touch. A lot of women like wearing lace because it makes them feel very lady-like and chic. Aside from all those, though, lace can also be sexy especially when it’s black. Black lace is very sexy and seductive. Add it on any piece of clothing item and it instantly adds an instant sexy vibe. If you’re wondering how to wear black lace, here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from:

  • Subtle lace underneath – if you’re looking for a way to wear lace without oozing too much sex appeal or without looking too seductive, you can always wear it in a subtle way. One good way to wear black lace subtly is to wear it underneath to do a little peek-a-boo. Take a black lace tank top and wear a blazer or a jacket underneath to create a stylishly sophisticated outfit that’s very posh and lady-like. This outfit idea is great even for when you want to create a business casual outfit with a twist.

lace underneath a blazer lace underneath

  • Black lace dress overlay – if you think that wearing just black lace is too bold for your style, you can wear it as an overlay on a dress instead. Adding a black lace overlay makes any dress look elegant and glamorous. It’s a very pretty way to achieve a complete fairytale inspired dress. Lots of celebrities have been spotted lace overlays on their dresses in many red carpet events which only proves that this is a very stylish way to wear black lace. You can wear black lace overlay on top of a black dress for a subtle lacey look or on top of a dress in a nice contrasting color if you want the black lace overlay to be more visible and dominant.

dress overlay outfit

dress overlay

  • Black lace nail art – nail art surely has come a long way from the simple dotting tricks to, now, the use of fabric to create interesting texture on the nails is indeed a very fashion forward progress. Before, when you wanted a nail art that looks like lace is placed on your nails, you’ll have to either go to the salon to have it done by nail artists using nail art tools and equipments or buy fake nails that already have this design on them and you simply glue them on to your nails. Now, you can create your own black lace nail art using a lace appliqué that you’ve cut out to fit on the surface of your nails. It looks much more interesting and unique.

nail art lace nail art

  • Black lace beach cover up – headed to the beach? Make sure you look good, even when you’re just bathing in the sun or lounging around by donning on a sexy black lace cover up. You can wear this from morning ‘til night so it’s perfect if you’ve got your day at the beach full.

beach coverup beach cover up

  • Black lace underwear – now, this is something that no one else but you will see but it’s always a good confidence booster to know you’re wearing something sexy underneath your clothes.

lingerie lace lingerie