Ways to Wear Camouflage in Winter

Summer is just a few couple of weeks away but while we’re waiting for that, let’s enjoy the cold weather as well as the opportunity to wear really cute prints on our outfits like camouflage. It may be reminiscent of soldier uniforms but the camouflage print is actually one of the hottest and trendiest prints to rock this winter. It’s a great way to add that boyish charm to a cute outfit without going overboard or looking too tomboy-ish. Here are some really stylish ways to wear camouflage in winter.

  • Wear a camouflage jacket – if you’re going to wear a jacket outside this winter, make it a camouflage jacket. Wear it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a plain white shirt underneath to achieve a look that’s effortlessly chic and cool. Wearing this kind of outfit is perfect for a casual winter day. You can wear it to the mall or to a quick lunch out with your friends. Finish it off with biker boots or combat boots to give it an edgy twist or with a pair of heels if you want to keep the dainty feminine vibe. Try wearing it with a dress, too, to get a perfectly balanced tough girly look.

jacket jacket outfit

  • Wear camouflage pants – looking for a way to make wearing the camouflage print totally posh? Why not wear the print on your pants and pair it with a denim or chambray button down shirt capped off with a sexy pair of heels? It’s the perfect weekend look that you can wear easily from day to night. You can also wear your camouflage pants with a shirt and a leather jacket on top for a more rock=and-roll kind of vibe. Of course, the latter would look really fab with a pair of beat up biker boots but any kind of boots would get the job done as well.

pants outfit


  • Go classic military – if you’re wearing the camouflage print with achieving a classic military look in mind, going for olive green pieces to go with it is the best way to go. You can wear the camouflage print on either a top piece of a bottom piece and then pair it off with another olive green piece to get the classic military theme going on. Add in a few accessories to make the look cuter and to give it a feminine touch.

classic classic military

  • Wear camouflage shoess – not sure you can pull off the camouflage print on clothes? Why not try to rock a pair of camouflage shoes instead? Camou print boots are best if you want something that would give you the touch chick vibe while camouflage sandals, heels or even flats are best if you want to go for a more casual and laidback look.

shoes shose outfit

  • Weat colored camougflage – if you find the green or khaki camouflage too manly for your taste but still want to rock the trend, you should definitely check out colored camouflage pieces. They don’t resemble military uniforms as much as their khaki and green counterparts but they’re just as gorgeous and they’re a lot more girly, too.

colored colored camou