Ways to Wear Dark Denim

Dark denim is a great alternative to your regular, run-of-the-mill denim pants when you want something with a more autumn-y vibe. It’s great for all other seasons and occasions, too, sure but that dark wash just gives it a more fall-friendly look. It also lends any piece a sophisticated vibe which is perfect for everyone who ups their class game up a notch come fall. Check out these tips and ideas on ways to wear dark denim.

  • DARK DENIM JEANS – of course the most common and most obvious way to wear dark denim would be dark denim jeans. It’s surprising to see how the simple wash / color of jeans could change up the look and feel of an outfit drastically. A white shirt and regular denim jeans, for example, definitely screams summer but change it up to dark denim and you have yourself an easy basic fall outfit that can be used as the base layer for many different looks.

basic dark denim and white shirt dark denim jeans and leather jacket dark denim jeans

  • DARK DENIM JACKET – another really easy way to wear dark denim is to wear a dark denim jacket. Again, just like jeans, denim jackets can give off either the look of summer or of fall, depending on the wash / color. Dark denim jackets are perfect for topping off your basic fall looks. You can also wear it in case you’re planning to do a Canadian tux and have light wash / regular jeans.

dark denim jacket and white pants denim jacket in dark wash dark denim jacket

  • DARK DENIM OVERALLS – want to give the good ol’ denim overalls a more mature and sophisticated vibe? Try going for one in dark denim. Dark denim overalls are perfect for when you want the ease of dressing from overalls but not the usual pre-school outfit vibe that comes with it. Look for something with classier details like rose gold hardware to get more of that chic and sophisticated look. Also, try not to pick overalls that are too baggy or loose. You don’t want that ‘farmer girl’ vibe either.

black overalls and white shirt emma watson black overalls with rose gold hardware olivia palermo dark denim overalls

  • DARK DENIM SKIRT – just because denims have a casual look to them doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a dainty and feminine outfit wearing them. If you like to embrace your girly sense of fashion and you’re looking for a way to incorporate dark denim into your look, why not try going for a dark denim skirt? You can also wear your dark denim skirt with your Canadian tux outfit in case you feel like giving it a more girly twist.

cute dark denim skirt high waisted denim skirt dark denim pleated skirt