Ways to Wear Jogger Pants for Your Everyday Looks

Jogger pants are great for working out or for when you just want something cozy and comfy to cuddle up in while you’re at home. It’s not exactly something that you would wear as a part of your everyday outfit unless you’re all about sporting the sporty look all the time. Recently, though, you may have noticed that fashionistas have taken combining comfort and style to a whole new level by rocking jogger pants with their everyday looks and it has become the ultimate street style off duty look! If you’re curious on how you can look chic in these rather sporty bottoms, check out our tips on ways to wear jogger pants for your everyday looks below.

  • Be bright – nothing livens up a plain and simple outfit like bright bottoms. Jogger pants are often paired with something simple on top like a plain white shirt or a jacket so if you’re looking for a way to make an exciting outfit out of them, try to get them in bright colors. Plus, wearing jogger pants in bright colors makes them look less “gym pants-y”.

bright cobalt jogger pants bright neon jogger pants

  • Rock the rocker chick look – if you think a sporty look is all that you can pull off with jogger pants, think again. Choose a black jogger pant and wear it with leather boots and a leather jacket or, if you can, find a pair of leather jogger pants and wear it with mostly black pieces to achieve a rocker chick kind of look. This outfit idea is cool and edgy and is a great way to make the jogger pants work for your everyday looks.

leather jogger pants

rocker chick look

  • Play with prints – another way to make the jogger pants less sporty and more street style is to wear it printed. Printed jogger pants can be a little difficult to come by if you’re shopping at sports shops so try to check your favorite stores for them instead. For spring and summer, floral jogger pants paired with either a bright or a pastel top would be really awesome. You can also choose a print that you can wear all year round like stripes or tribal print.

colorful printed jogger pants animal print jogger pants

  • Find the perfect fit – wide legged jogger pants are not the kind of pants you’d wear with your everyday outfits. To make the jogger pant trend work for you, you have to find the perfect fit and that’s usually the one that tapers off at the bottom (in general, if you’re wearing it cropped, it should hit the skinniest part of your legs). Jogger pants that have the similar fit of harem pants work great for everyday looks, too.

proper jogger pants fit perfect jogger pants fit

  • Wear it with heels – one easy way to make jogger pants look nothing like what they are is to wear them with heels. wearing your jogger pants with heels gives it more of a polish look without taking away its street style vibe. It’s a perfect way to take away the sporty look of the pants and make it more casual and girly. Of course, you can opt for flats as well if you’re not comfortable with wearing heels though the latter creates a better street style look.

chunky heeled boots and jogger pants jogger pants and heels