Ways to Wear Timberland Boots

The latest trend in fashion just proves to us that indeed, you’ll never know what’s gonna come up next. After Birkenstocks made its way to the fashion scene, we’re now seeing another rather ‘un-girly’ trend that is the Timberland boots. If you have a dad, brother or boyfriend who loves the outdoors, you’re probably familiar with these and you probably know how ‘manly’ they are. Yet, here are they are, making their way into the wardrobes of fashionistas all over the world. In all fairness, though, the trend couldn’t have come at a better time. Since summer is about to end and fall is coming quick, these boots will surely come in handy and will do great in winter as well. If you haven’t already, go ahead and get yourself a pair! Here are some cool ways to wear Timberland boots.

  • Comfy casual look – the easiest way to wear Timberland boots is to wear them with jeans, really. This look works all year round. Wear tank tops, crop tops or just plain shirts up top for summer or layer up with a cozy jacket or a coat for fall and winter. This look is great if you’re looking for something easy and foolproof. It’s also a great look to wear if you want something that would give you the most wear for your Timberland boots.

summer casual outfit with timberland boots tomboyish outfit idea winter timberland boots outfit

  • Summer street style – if you already have a pair of Timberland boots and you’re looking for a way to sport them this summer, look no further than your own closet because you probably already have the best summer item to pair it with: Daisy Dukes! Okay, they don’t have to be exactly Daisy Dukes. Even those denim shorts you’ve DIYed will do a fantastic job. In fact, any summer shorts you have in your closet will give you that cute look. Yep, those itty bitty shorts are perfect to go with Timberlands. Wear these two together and you have yourself the perfect combination of sexy and edgy.

simple summer look summer street style look Khloe K in shorts and timberlands shorts flanner shirt and timberland boots

  • With leggings – looking for something a little more feminine to wear with your Timberland boots? How about pairing them with leggings? This outfit idea is just as easy to pull off as the jeans-and-boots combo but the outcome is more girly, especially when worn with rather dressy tops. This is also a more ideal outfit combo if you have already have a layer-heavy top since would balance out your silhouette pretty well.

ruchy leggings and timberland boots printed leggings and timberland boots dressy outfit with timberlands

  • In color – just like Doc Martens, Timberland boots have been available in a variety of colors for a while now so if you’re not digging the whole ‘tomboy-ish’ look, you can get yours in a cute and girly color like pink or yellow or get them in black if you want something more neutral and versatile. These colored Timberland boots are great for adding a bit of spunk to your everyday sweet and feminine looks.

cute red timberland boots floral romper and timberland boots

  • Femme fatale – if you really don’t like the way the regular Timberland boots are so chunky and boyish-looking, go to Timberland’s website, click on shop by type and go to HEELS. Yes, heels! These high-heeled Timberland boots are nothing short of sexy and hot! Wear them with anything you would usually wear your heeled boots with and you have yourself a gorgeous outfit with just that teeny tiny bit of that tough chick vibe in it.

timberland boots with heels