What color shoes to wear with navy dress

Navy  dresses are a great choice for almost every woman who wants to have a new look and get a great change.  You can get your navy  dress of your dreams , long or short , casual or prom .  The rich color of a dark navy is particularly nice for the  curvy ladies .

cute navy dress

 But what shoes to wear with navy blue dress ?

Many shoes  and pumps  have characteristics that are too noticeable. Some may be very shiny, have bright  colors and  beads ,  patterns or may have a large bow on them.

You can  wear  any crazy designed  shoes   with navy dress , if dress is simple enough!


What color shoes to wear with  navy prom dress:

blue dress nude pumps

Probably the most glamorous style of high heel shoes are known as stilettos. For most of the girls  high heels  are good only for special occasions , not for every day .These have a thin back heel which looks very nice having a classy prom  navy dress.

navy dress and black shoes

Check out what color shoes to wear with navy dress:

Bigger sized high heels should be prevented because they take away from the design associated with many formal wear.  Skinny girls can wear flats even with prom dress!  Colors of shoes  to match with navy dress  can be different: camel , brown , any shiny shoes and black . wearing high heels for example stilettos naturally enhances a woman’s position and gives the girl a sense of class when walking around the room.

blue dress and pink pumps

Try to avoid white shoes( except white pumps , they are very stylish ) ,  Great colors  to put on with navy dress is silver , white , pink , camel , beige.

Ladies look normally more   hot  and stylish when putting on high heels of any color .

blue navy dress with high heels

Flats with navy dress.

The right pair of cute flats, wedges, or other shoes can turn a nice navy dres  into a gorgeous one.

navy blue dress and shoes

Don’t be scared to wear  flats with navy dress. They can be either girly or elegant in their  stylish and feminine  appearance, depending on which details are used on a shoe of this style.