What Colored Jeans You Should Add to Your Closet

Colored jeans are all the rage right now and women are going gaga over these fun and bright hues. Colored jeans are a great addition to any closet because they can make any outfit look livelier and more stylish. You probably already have at least one pair of colored jeans – perhaps one that is of your favorite color, but other than that, what other colored jeans should you get? In this blog, we’ll show you some of the cutest colored jeans that are very easy to style and wear so read on.

  • Cobalt blue jeans – if you find the colored jeans trend gorgeous but aren’t sure if you could rock a pair of bright and bold ones, you can always start with the basics. A pair of cobalt blue jeans is very close to the color of natural blue jeans which makes it easy to wear it with almost anything. It’s also a very sophisticated color that lends a chic vibe to your look.

cobalt blue jeans cobalt blue jeans outfit

  • Red jeans – for the more daring fashionistas who are always looking for way to spice up their outfits, a pair of red hot jeans is perfect. This color is very bold and intense and it is perfect for creating a fierce fashion statement, even with ordinary casual pieces.

red jeans

  • Mint green jeans – mint green jeans are great if you want colored jeans that are not too girly but also not too bold. They’re perfect for creating fun and fresh looks with your outfit. Mint colored jeans work well in giving your outfits a nice, refreshing twist.

mint green jeans outfit mint green jeans

  • Pink jeans – if your style is very flirty and feminine, we think you’ll find pink jeans irresistible! Pink jeans are a nice way to add a very girly look to your outfit. You can go for hot pink or fuchsia jeans if you want  something bright and bold or your can opt for pastel pink jeans if you want something more subtle and romantic.

pink jeans

  • Coral jeans – if you like dressing up nicely but don’t want to look too girly, you may consider pink jeans a no-no. Good thing there are coral jeans. Coral is a very nice color that can give you a nice, soft, feminine look without being too overpoweringly girly and flirty. Coral jeans are a great alternative to pink jeans if you want something more mature but still feminine.

coral jeans outfit coral jeans

  • Maroon jeans – any fashionistas always has to have a pair of dark jeans for those days when you feel like you need a slimmer silhouette. Maroon is a great dark color to have for jeans because it’s almost neutral and can be worn easily with other colors. It’s a nice alternative to mainstream black jeans.

maroon jeans