What Colors to Wear to an Interview

Interviews are very crucial. They are often considered as the last stepping stone to success in landing your dream job. The first impression that you give to your future employer can make or break you which is why it’s important that you come in fully prepared and looking as professional as you can. What you wear matters a lot when going for an interview. But more than that, the colors that you wear are also very important. Remember that your goal in dressing up for an interview is to look professional and not to make a viva video app download fashion statement, unless of course you are going for an interview in the said industry. Here are some tips on what colors to wear to an interview. Read on learn how you can dress for success.

  • Black and White – the combination of black and white is a staple in the business world. You’ll find that most people in corporate offices often dress in black and white, though this is not required. If you’re looking for something safe, a black and white outfit will do.

black and white interview outfit black and white outfit

  • Gray – on a casual day, gray may feel and look a little bit boring to you but this color is your best friend when dressing up for an interview. This color on an interview outfit gives a powerful look but not nearly as domineering as a plain black outfit. it’s very sophisticated and is also a great neutral color.

gray suit outfit

gray dress outfit

  • Light pastel colors – if you’re coming in for an interview in a casual environment, dressing up with a bit more color is acceptable. However, make sure to dress yourself in outfits featuring light colors paired along with some neutrals. Bright colors should be limited to one subtle piece and prints should be minimal and not too funky.

casual interview outfit casual light outfit

  • Mixing neutrals – if you don’t want your outfit for your interview to look too monotonous, mixing neutrals is the way to go. You can never go wrong with mixing one neutral color with another. Neutral colors work well with each other and when combined, the results are very chic and sophisticated.

neutral office outfit neutral casual outfit

  • Brights on accessories – to keep your outfit from looking too dull, boring and monotonous, you are allowed to add a simple accessory in a bright color. Stay away from chunky pieces of jewelry, no matter how pretty they are. A bright purse or clutch or a scarf with a nice print or a gorgeous belt should be enough.

 bright clutch bright printed scarf