What NOT to Wear to Work

The workplace used to be a venue for corporate outfits and business-like ensembles. Today, though, most workplaces are less strict when it comes to dress codes. When dressing up for the workplace, you should aim to achieve a look that’s decent and business appropriate. Even when you are not required to wear a full corporate look, you should keep in mind that you represent the company you work with and therefore should look properly dressed all the time. With the introduction of casual / dress down Fridays, it’s understandable that you sometimes get confused as to what’s okay to wear at work and what is not so, to help you out, here’s a quick guide on what not to wear to work.

  • Flip flops – no matter how relaxed and casual the environment is in your workplace, you should never wear flip flops to work. Flip flops are very casual and they’re meant to be worn on the streets, at the beach, at the mall or at any other casual place except the office. If you want to give your feet a break from the strain that it gets from heels, wear ballerina style flats instead. They’re just as comfy but they look much more appropriate for work plus, there are lots of styles and designs to choose from too.

flipflops flip flop

  • Tops with deep, plunging necklines – while looking sexy is not totally inappropriate for the workplace, there has got to be a limit on how sexy you should go. A figure flattering pencil skirt is okay and so is a well-fitting sexy top under a stylish blazer. What’s not okay is to wear a top with a deep, plunging neckline that shows too much cleavage. If you like the style of a particular top with a deep neckline, wear a cami underneath to cover up skin that’s not supposed to be seen.

plunging neckline


  • Distressed, tattered jeans – wearing jeans has become acceptable at most workplaces but you should remember to wear only decent pairs of jeans. This means you shouldn’t be wearing those distressed, tattered jeans that make your legs do the peek-a-boo no matter how cool you and others think it is. Reserve your distressed and tattered jeans for the weekends instead.

jeans jeans outfit

  • Clothes that show off tattoos and piercings – tattoos are considered as a medium of self expression and the company you work for don’t necessarily have the right to tell you whether or not to get a tattoo but in case you already have one, try to cover it up as much as possible while you are in the office. Most companies (and possible clients) find tattoos unprofessional but that doesn’t mean that you should have yours removed. Wearing clothes that cover them up is enough. If you have a sleeve tattoo, you can cover it up by not wearing sleeveless tops while leg tattoos can easily be hidden in pants.

tattoo outfit tattoo

  • Shorts – whatever fabric your shorts is made of and no matter how cute they are, they will never be workplace-appropriate so don’t wear them if you’re headed to the office. Shorts always give you a very casual, street-style vibe and that’s not what you should be sporting at the office. Opt for skirts instead but make sure that they’re the right length (not too short to show too much skin nor too long to make you look awkwardly short).

shorts shorts outfit