What Shoes to Wear with a Sundress

Sundresses are very cute and girly. These are the types of dresses that are meant to be worn on warmer days so they’re often very light. Most sundresses are also short, falling anywhere above the knee to about 2 to 3 inches below the knee, at the most. In general, a sundress can be any dress you can wear during summer or spring.

However there are also what we call maxi sundresses which are longer. Now of course no matter how pretty or gorgeous or sexy your sundress is, your outfit, or any other outfit for that matter, is never complete without a good pair of shoes. So, what shoes should you wear with a sundress? Well, it really depends on what kind of look you want to achieve. Here are some of our ideas and suggestions on what shoes would look good with a sundress:

  • Pumps – for a very chic and sophisticated look, you can wear your sundress with pumps. The combination of a sweet and flirty dress paired with gorgeous killer heels is just absolutely divine. This look is perfect for both summer and spring. Pumps work best with flared sundresses in giving a very feminine and flirty look.

 sundress and pumps sundress and pumps outfit

  • Wedges – if you want a girly look about your outfit but are not a big fan of pumps or any kind of heels and you want something comfortable that you can walk in for hours throughout the day, you can always wear your sundress with a pair of wedges. This is an option that provides you with comfort without sacrificing style. If you’ve got a sundress that has a lot of movement to it, you can complement that with a pair of strappy wedges. More figure-hugging sundresses, on the other hand, call for simpler wedges.

 wedges and sundress outfit

wedges and sundress

  • Sneakers – love the comfort that sundresses bring but not the very girly look? Well, that’s no problem. You can wear sneakers with a sundress to dress it down. Wearing a pair of plain white sneakers gives your outfit a very relaxed look. It’s also perfect if you’ve got a more casual-looking sundress.

 sneakers and sundress sneakers and sundress outfit

  • Flats – to maximize the comfort that the sundress gives you, your footwear should provide a lot of comfort, too. Flats are the perfect choice for footwear to wear with a sundress if you still want to achieve a girly look without giving your feet the strain from heels. Keep it simple and dainty with ballerina flats or make it sexy with strappy flat sandals, the choice is yours.

 sundress maxi and flats sundress and flats

  • Flip Flops – keep the summer spirit in you alive by wearing your sundress with a pair of cool flip flops. You can choose from wedge flip flops or the simpler ones, it doesn’t matter. This style is all about comfort. It’s the perfect outfit combination for walking on the beach.

flipflops and sundress outfit flipflops and sundress