What Shoes to Wear with Jeans

Jeans are very versatile. You can wear them any day and they can easily transition in to the night. Aside from its versatility, another great thing about jeans is that the material they’re made of is very strong and sturdy so a good pair should last you a really long time. However, for some women, finding the perfect jeans with the right fit, color and size can be a challenge. Even after they do so, another dilemma follows: what shoes to wear with jeans? Well, to be frank, you can wear any kind of shoes you like as long as you’re feel comfy wearing them. With different kinds of shoes, you can pull off different looks with jeans. Here are a few suggestions on what shoes to wear with jeans:

  • Ballerina flats – if you’re aiming at pulling off a dainty and girly look with jeans, you can wear your favorite pair with ballerina flats. These shoes work well with most cuts of jeans: skinny, cigarette, boot leg, etc. Steer clear of jean trousers that hit the floor, though, as it can make you look shorter than you really are. Ballerina flats with jeans are also perfect if you’re planning to spend the whole day out with lots of walking involved because they’re very comfy to move around in.

flats and jeans flats

  • Thong sandals – thong sandals are flat sandals that have thin straps on them for security and style. they’re very sexy to look at, especially on really nice and clean feet. Wearing your jeans with a pair of nice thong sandals is a very brilliant idea if you’re going for a casual and simple look with a delicate twist. Like ballerina flats, these can be worn with most jean cuts except those that hit the floor.

thong sandals and jeans

thong sandals

  • Sneakers – sneakers are great when worn with jeans if you’re looking for something that can help you pull off a casual outfit with a chic athletic / sporty twist. Low cut and mid cut sneakers usually look good with skinny jeans and other straight cut types of jeans but if you have high cut sneakers, you can wear any kind as long as you roll them up. You can also roll up your jeans for low and mid cut sneakers. Whether you wear socks with your sneakers, of course, depends on you.

sneakers and jeans sneakers

  • Stilettos – looking for a way to add some flirty and sexy vibe to your outfit with jeans? You should definitely go for stilettos, if so. Wearing jeans with stilettos can help you dress up an outfit and it also adds heaps of sex appeal to your look. Stilettos are also one of the best shoes you can pick if you want to look taller in your jeans.

stiletto and jeans stilettos

  • Wedge – if you’re looking for something to wear with your jeans that can also help you look a few inches taller but don’t want or can’t handle the strain you get from wearing high-heeled shoes like pumps and stilettos, you should definitely opt for wedges. Wedges are much more stable that heels but they also do a great job with enhancing your height.

wedge and jeans wedge