What Shoes to Wear with Maxi Skirts and Dresses

Maxi skirts and dresses are very feminine and they have a slight touch of romance about them. They’re very versatile which is why a lot of women love them. Sure, there are some women who think that a maxi skirt or a maxi dress is hot only when the media puts the limelight on them and when celebrities start wearing them one maxi after the other but to someone with a passion for fashion, maxi skirts and dresses will forever hold a spot in their hearts and in their closets. Choosing what shoes to wear with maxi skirts and dresses can be an issue if you have no idea on what to really look for. Here’s a simple guide that might just help you out:

  • Flat sandals – this one is one of the most common and popular choices when it comes to choosing what shoes to wear with maxi skirts and dresses. Wearing flat sandals with any maxi skirt or dress can instantly give you a chic bohemian look. it’s very relaxed and laidback and is perfect for any casual day. If you have on a maxi skirt or dress that’s not too complex (simple, solid colors, not too much detail), you can go all out with your flat sandals and choose a pair that has flirty straps, beads, glitters or sequins on them. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a maxi that’s already stunning on its own, keep the sandals simple and let your maxi be the focal point of the outfit.

flats flats and maxi

  • Wedges – women who are petite will definitely benefit from wearing wedges with maxi skirts or dresses. Aside from the fact that wedges are very stylish, they also help add a few inches to your height while wearing them. They’re also much more comfortable than heels so they make a better choice if you’re planning on spending the whole day wearing them and walking around.

wedge outfit

wedge shoes wedge

  • Heels – if you’re looking for a way to really glam up a maxi skirt or dress, you can never go wrong with heels. There aren’t too many styles and design of high heeled shoes that will not work with a maxi dress or skirt. Chunky heels, pumps, stilettos – these all look very chic when worn with a maxi dress. Comfort may be an issue, though, so make sure to bring an extra pair of comfy shoes as an alternative when your feet gets tired.

heels and maxi heels

  • Heavy boots – heavy, tough and rugged boots are the perfect choice when it comes to shoes to wear with maxi skirts and dresses, especially during the colder seasons like fall and winter. It may be a little odd when you think about the combination in your head but all doubts will surely fly out the window once you see your maxi actually paired with nice biker boots or combat boots. It’s a very chic and stylish combination that will allow you to wear a maxi skirt, even when it’s already starting to snow.

 boots and maxi boots boots and maxi outfit