What to and What Not to Wear With a Tweed Jacket

Most of the time when we say tweed, people automatically see the image of a university professor wearing a jacket of this very fabric with elbow patches, an assortment of books in one hand and an attaché case on the other. Others see tweed jackets as something only equestrians wear and there are also those who simply see it as yet another jacket style or design.

tweed jacket outfit

Tweed jackets may be a little difficult to style but it makes a great investment for winter and fall as the material is warm and sturdy. You’ll find that today’s tweed jackets are now made with more style and design variations that can make you look very fashionable. However, there are things that you should and should not wear with tweed jackets.Here’s our list:

tweed vneck


  • A graphic tee shirt – a tweed jacket, though versatile, also has its limits and while you’re always free to wear this piece of clothing item with casual clothes, a graphic tee is just way to casual to be paired with it.

button down and leather shoes

  • Round neck t-shirts – again, tweed jackets have their limitations when worn as an addition to a casual outfit so avoid wearing them with crew neck or round neck tee shirts. There are other options, which you’ll later see in this post, that can help you create the perfect casual outfit with a tweed jacket.

red tweed

  • Sneakers or rubber shoes – tweed jackets are not exactly the kind of jackets that go well with rubber shoes. They are not like hoodies or varsity jackets that give you an athletic look when worn with your trainers so avoid combining the two at all costs.

tweed and button down


  • V-neck tshirts – if you want to create a casual look wearing tweed jackets, it’s always better to go for V-neck shirts instead of round necks because V-necks look dressier which is what a tweed jacket really looks better on.

tweed and dress shirt

  • Button down dress shirts – wear something light inside a tweed jacket when the temperature is not that cold. Button down dress shirts are always a great choice because they’re very light and they go well underneath any coat or jacket style.

tweed and leather boots

  • Leggings or skinnys – because tweed can tend to look bulky and heavy because of the fabric, you need something to balance it out. The perfect solution is to created a fitted silhouette at the bottom by wearing leggings or other bottoms that give a skinny bottom silhouette like tights or skinny jeans.

tweed and leather shoes

  • Leather shoes – tweed jackets are a bit heavy on fabric so have something in  your outfit to balance this. Leather shoes are the perfect choice for this. Wearing leather shoes also make your outfit look more sophisticated.

tweed jacket and skinny jeans

Cute outfit ideas with tweed jacket :

casual chic - tweed jacket tweed blazer tweed jacket and bag tweed jacket and flare jeans tweed jacket with shorts tweed jacket yellow tweed blazer