What to do with Old Jeans: 5 Chic Ways to Update Old Jeans

Jeans are a staple in our closets which is why it isn’t so surprising that a lot of us have a few unused pairs sitting at the back of our closets. Jeans are one of the few things that you should invest in because you’re sure that you’ll get a lot of use / a lot of wear out of them. if you have a few pairs of jeans just sitting around unused because they look old, worn and / or faded, it’s time to breathe new life in to them and get the more use out of them. One cheap and easy way to do this is to DIY your jeans and make them look like a new pair. Check out these DIY ideas on what to do with old jeans and see how you can start wearing your old jeans again.


  • Tie dye – if you’re looking for something unique to do with an old pair of jeans that you’re sure no one else will have an exact same pair of, do tie dye. Tie dyeing is a method that requires you to soak your jeans (tied up in several different areas) into a pool of… well, dye. The results are abstract and definitely unique so you get a different result each time and replicating the same design can be a really difficult task. It’s perfect for those who are always on the lookout for one of a kind pieces to wear.

casual tie dye jeans outfit tie dye jeans

  • Add studs – adding studs to jeans is one of the most popular DIY methods that people do to update an old pair of jeans. Adding studs to your jeans can give it a bit of an edgy, rock and roll kind of look but that still largely depends on what you wear with it. Studding your own pair of jeans is easy and the materials you’ll be needing are very accessible (you’ll find them from your local craft store). You can add studs to random places on your jeans or you can also create a more detailed design, it depends on what kind of look you want to give your jeans.

black jeans studded

studded knee cap jeans

  • Ombre – ombre has been such a huge hit in both the beauty and fashion world with things such as ombre hair, ombre shorts, ombre nails and other things ombre being seen on celebs and models. If you want to get in on the ombre trend, why not try doing it on your jeans? It’s quite easy but it does take up a little bit of time. The ombre method usually works well with a dark pair of jeans but if you have a pair in light wash, you can use bright colors for your ombre instead.

cute ombre jeans gray to white ombre

  • Distressed jeans – got an old pair of jeans that are worn but not completely ruined? Wearing it the way it is can look a little sloppy but if you give it a good distressing, you can bring it back on trend. Distressed jeans are perfect for jeans that have been worn thin as the distressing is easier on thinner jean fabric. You can wear your distressed jeans with your casual and street style outfits or to dress down a rather fancy top.

ripped and distressed jeans distressed jeans outfit

  • Do patchwork – you know how sometimes old jeans tend to tear in some areas, especially by the knees? While ripped jeans are certainly stylish, having too many of them can certainly be a little overwhelming. So, what do you do with jeans that are torn in certain areas? Do some patchwork on them! Be creative and use different kinds of fabrics to patch up the holes to add texture to your jeans. You can also do this on jeans that don’t have rips or tears on them.

denim on denim patchwork patchwork jeans street style