What To Wear At A Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are as abundant during the summer as garden weddings are. And when you get invited to a beach wedding, the first thing that comes to your mind is “Vacation! Beach! Yes!” and then it gets overshadowed by the fearful thought that all of us style conscious women always worry ourselves in, “What do I wear for that?”

I’m sure we’ve all been there. And the thing that we all just have to remember is the golden rule of putting together an outfit: Remember TPO (Time, Place, Occasion). Take advantage of the TPO elements of the event. Since beach weddings are usually done during spring or summer and at the beach (obviously), think of flowing dresses and comfortable shoes. But not all beach weddings are the similar. So here are a few outfits that you may wear at a beach wedding.

1. The easiest outfit to conjure up for a beach wedding is a flowing floral dress and pair it with a nude wedge sandals. I suggest keeping the jewelries to a minimum as the floral prints is all the accent you will need.

floral accented dress

2. If you have plans to wear turtleneck or high-neckline dresses, I suggest finding one in a sleeveless dress. There is a certain elegance to that while you don’t look too wrapped up for a beach wedding.

floral sundress

3. If you will be wearing long-sleeved dress because you might easily get sunburned, then I suggest choosing cottony and lightweight dresses.

printed maxi dress

4. You have to be careful if you’re going for prints. Some prints are too casual for an event as formal as a wedding like plaid. But if you think the dress code for the wedding is not as uptight, then go ahead.

plaid buttoned dress

5. Wearing pants might not be an appropriate clothing for a wedding. But if allowed, I highly recommend not to use denim. It’s not just because it’s a common casual clothing but because it’s not the best fabric when you’ll be exposed to the sun directly for a long time. Go for breezy textile like cotton in wide-legged or loose pants.

loose top and animal print pants

6. You can also wear skirts if you want. Opt for a top and skirt pairing that will have the seamless look making the outfit appear like one dress. Remember to go for the flowing kind of skirt.

peplum top and silk skirt

7. Dresses with slits are also great outfits to wear for a beach wedding. It’s appropriate for a formal occasion being a dress but it will not be too stuffy inside your legs as the sea breeze will pass by.

double slit dress

8. Are you the kind of person who have a hard time walking on the sand in stilettos? So you wear sandals. But how are you going to boost your height? Wear a simple body-hugging dress that gives an elongating, height-boosting effect to your silhouette.

simple black dress

9. Who says you can’t wear blazer just because it’s in the beach? There will be certain times when the weather is too gloomy and there’s nothing more swamping to your posture than getting cold. Best to be prepared and pack a functional jacket that could complement your dress.

white eyelet dress and blazer

10. You could go ahead and show some skin especially if you’re going straight to the reception in a beach club nearby.