What To Wear At A Company Picnic

During the spring and summer, when the sun is out and shining brightly, you might get told that your employer has announced to have a company picnic. And while company picnics are made to be relaxing and just enjoy a day out with nature, preparations can be such stressful tasks. For those of you who are fashion-conscious, the first thing that you would worry about is what you will wear at a company picnic.

It creates a dilemma. You want to look casual and relaxed but not too casual that your boss will think you’re bumming off. It may be a casual event outside the office but a company-sponsored event will always mean business. And thus, work etiquette has to be followed. Here are some tips to help you in knowing what to wear at a company picnic.


You may not be wearing a business suit at a company picnic but that does not mean you get to be free with the casual clothes you can wear. Attending a company picnic is one of those days when you have to navigate the thin boundary between relaxed and sharp. Go for basic clothes and garments in simple silhouettes and made of light material.

two-tone dress for company picnic

Cameron Diaz relaxed look for company picnic


Pastel colors and light neutral colors like white and nude pink are great colors for a company picnic outfit. The light shades give off an equally light atmosphere that you should exude at a picnic. But you have to be careful that you will not look too bubbly in pastel. Sticking to items with clean lines and simple tailoring will lessen the girliness that comes with pastel colors.

pastel clothes for company picnic

Amal Clooney dress for company picnic


I think it is safe to say that the polo shirt is the most formal of all the casual tops. You wear it to events and places that go for a semi-formal dress code. Company picnics are one of those events. You could never go wrong with a polo shirt so long as you pair it with clothes appropriate for the company picnic like denim skirts and tailored cotton pants.

polo shirt for company picnic Kate Moss polo shirt for company picnic


You would be told that wearing cutoff shorts is a big no no in a company picnic. And it will do you good if you follow through with that. Instead of cutoff shorts, you could wear Bermuda shorts instead. They are comfortable but it is also wearable to semi-formal and formal occasions like a company picnic. Bermuda shorts are also versatile so you can wear anything with them.

dressy bermuda shorts for company picnic bermuda shorts for company picnic


Basically, going to a company picnic is just like attending a garden party except you have to make nice with people and behave properly since these are your coworkers and your bosses that are with you. In that sense, sundresses can be the best outfit you can whip up. They are simple yet formal. Sundresses exude that exact essence of relaxed but sharp that you want for your company picnic outfit.

lace dress for company picnic sundress for company picnic


You have to be prepared with the venue. You can ask the management or the HR as to where the company picnic will be held. If it’s in a place with concrete, then you can wear your stilettos. But if it’s in a place with grass and soil, I suggest to leave the stilettos at your house and opt for flats. You certainly don’t want to stumble around while shaking hands with your officemates at the company picnic.

flats for company picnic flat sandals for company picnic