What To Wear At A Holiday Office Party

‘Tis the season to go to a party! The winter holidays always include a plethora of parties and events that helps us to loosening up and celebrate weeks-long vacation from our stressful lives. It is the time to dress up, look fancy and interact with people.

But there is one kind of party that, much as we want to, we could definitely not avoid—office party. You can be sure that your bosses will be planning a holiday party amongst the company. And we all have that same dilemma whenever we attend any work-related semi-formal or informal events: how to look fun and professional at the same time?

We’ve got some outfits here that will make you look festive and office conservative at the same time in a holiday office party. Check them out below!


Leather adds an edgy essence to any outfit. You can go for a day-to-evening look with leather, especially when the party is on a weekday when you’ll have work. Go for leather in neutral color and simple design so that it will be wearable during the day and easy to accessorize for the night.

leather skirt holiday office party cracked leather holiday office party


Pantsuits, especially black ones, are basically the androgynous lady’s little black dress nowadays. They have that certain elegance to them as well as comfort and edginess. For parties, you can add up a dressy top underneath it to make it party-appropriate.

holiday office party pantsuits

holiday office part black pantsuits


Animal prints are festive but oftentimes too overwhelming for an office party. There are, however, great dressed down and muted animal prints that you can wear for your office party. Pair these up with neutral colors to balance out the festiveness of the animal print.

animal print dress holiday office party red animal print holiday office party


Tweed, on the other hand, is quite opposite of the animal print. Tweeds are naturally formal and office-appropriate but not entirely festive and party-ready. But you can whip up some tweed dress that are dressed up and boss-approved at the same time.

tweed dress office partytweed dress holiday office party


Of course, there are classic prints that are easy to whip up for the party outfit of your choice. These prints are stripes, checks, microprints, and other simple patterned prints. For a more festive look, you’d want to go for prints like these in dressed up yet sophisticated colors like jewel tones.

simple print dress office party check top holiday office party


Metallic clothes are definitely great apparels to wear for a holiday party. But since you will be attending an office party, you would want to pair those metallic clothes with sleek and simple clothes. Black and white clothes add a glamorous and elegant finish to a metallic clothing.

metallic holiday office party gold skirt holiday office party


Like metallic clothes, you can also rely on sequins to add a party glam to any outfit. Like metallic clothes, you would want to pair sequined clothes with neutral clothes and simple designs.

sequined top holiday office party sequined skirt holiday office party