What to Wear at Home

If there’s one other thing women really love to do aside from shopping, it would be dressing up. Admit it, there were a few couple of times when you were so bored that you decided to just get up and try on clothes that are sitting idly in your closet and along the way, you may have even discovered or rediscovered some cute outfit combination pieces that you can wear the next time you go out. Now, we know how important it is to look nice when you’re out but what about when you’re just at home? It’s so easy to just stay in your pajamas all day if you haven’t got anything planned out but if you’re looking for a confidence booster or if you simply want to look chic and not frumpy while staying indoors, dressing up is definitely the way to go. Here are some of our ideas on what to wear at home:

  • Muscle tank top – don’t you just hate those days when it’s super hot and humid that you don’t want anything touching your skin, including your clothes? Well, you have no other choice but to put something on anyway because you can’t just walk around the house naked all day. During these days, a muscle tank top would really come in handy, especially those oversized ones that are so loose fitting. Muscle tank tops are just like regular tanks except that they have larger arm holes that go way down so if you’re not alone at home, we suggest wearing a sports bra underneath.

muscle tank top muscle tank

  • A crisp white tee – if you’re at home and don’t really feel like dressing up but would still like to look cute and chic, a crisp and clean white shirt is all you really need. It’s very simple yet it’s super chic. it’s the perfect thing to wear at home on days when you just want to feel light and refreshed.

plain white shirt

  • A maxi dress – there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look glamorous even if you’re just at home. On those days when you want to feel like those models in magazines being pictured so beautifully in their ‘home’, why not wear a really cute maxi dress? Maxi dresses are perfect for lounging around because they’re light and comfy plus they’re super stylish, too.

maxi dress

  • An oversized slouchy sweater – when the weather starts to cool down and you can really feel the temperature drop, it’s always nice to get warm and cozy in an oversized slouchy sweater at home. Since it’s oversized, you don’t even need to wear shorts or pants or whatnot. Just this one piece, or maybe a pair of socks too, will do.


  • Yoga pants – even if you don’t plan on doing yoga or working out in the living room, you can still wear yoga pants at home. They’re very comfortable and they’re insanely sexy, too!

yoga pants yoga pants cropped

  • Shorts – what would be more comfortable than lounging around in a pair of shorts? it’s something that you can wear comfortably at home and even outside when you need to run a quick errand. Any kind of shorts in any length would be good for wearing at home.

shorts and shirt shorts outfit

  • Jeggings – expecting a few friends coming over for a quick chat? Why not wear a pair of cool jeggings? They’re super comfortable but they’re also very chic. it’s a nice way to look effortlessly glamorous right at home.

jeggings and shirt