What to Wear If You Have Short Legs

Every woman, at least at one point in their lives, have dreamt of becoming a model like those we see in TV and in magazines. These models always look gorgeous and stunning. But what is it about models that make us want to be like them so much? Is it the beautiful clothes they wear when they’re on the runway? Is it the way their hair and makeup is done for photo shoots and fashion shows? Is it their sexy, trim and fit bodies? Possibly. But what all women really get jealous of about these models is their height. They’re so tall that they look super sexy and stunning and they have such great command of their height that their mere silhouette could make everyone stop and stare. If you’ve got short legs, don’t fret! There are still lots of things you can do to achieve, at the very least, the illusion of being tall and having longer legs. Here’s our quick and simple guide on what to wear if you have short legs:

  • Wear monochromatic outfits – forget about the color blocking and color contrasting trends. Those won’t really help you achieve a longer and more slender silhouette. If you really want to look taller, wear a single color from head to toe instead. An all black ensemble is a classic ensemble that you can pull off and aside from making you a few inches taller, it can also take off a few pounds from your look. All red outfits are festive while pink from head to toe can look very dainty and feminine. For winter, all white outfits are currently on trend. These will all help you look taller because you are creating an unbroken line that enhances height.

monochromatic monochromatic outfit

  • Wear high heels – this would be a very obvious and quick solution to looking taller instantly. If you have short legs, wear the highest heels you can possibly and comfortably rock to make your legs look longer. Bright colors in high heels add a nice touch of fun to your outfit but to maximize the elongating effect, wear nudes closest to your skin color instead.

high heels outfit

high heels

  • Show off your legs – wear short shorts, skirts or dresses if you have short legs. The more skin you show, the longer your legs will look. OF course, you’ll want to stop at a decent length, especially if you’re dressing up for a special event which means nothing too flirty short.

short outfit short

  • Wear flared jeans – many women make the mistake of wearing straight cut jeans to make them look taller but this actually doesn’t help much in enhancing your height. The best cut for jeans that women with short legs can wear is flared jeans. You’ll want jeans that are nicely tapered to give you the illusion of stunningly long and slender legs.

flared jeans flared jeans outfit

  • Go for high waisted bottoms – contrary to popular belief, women with short legs can actually wear high waisted bottoms and doing so will even make them look taller. By wearing high waisted bottoms, you somehow create an illusion of a longer lower torso which also creates the illusion of longer legs. Wear high waisted pants with high heels to get maximum elongating results.

high waisted outfit high waisted