What to Wear if You Have Wide Hips

Wide hips are often seen on women who have the pear body shape / figure. While some women think it’s sexy to have wide hips, others think that it’s too flattering and would rather hide them. There are lots of celebrities who have wide hips and the reason why you don’t even notice it sometimes is because they are able to conceal it or balance it out with what they wear. If you’ve got this problem and you want to know what to wear if you have wide hips, read on because we’ve got some great styling tips fo you.

  • Choose tops with shoulder pads – shoulder pads are made to look the shoulders look a little bit wider and more square and while not a lot of women are into this, tops with shoulder pads could actually be your best friend if you’ve got wide hips. This is because the widening effect of the shoulder pads balances out the wideness of the hips.

shoulder pads shoulder pads outfit

  • Get Empire cut clothes – wearing an empire waist dress is another way to conceal wide hips and get the most out of them. An dress or a top with an empire cut is usually ideal for women with wide hips because the flowy part after the cut underneath the chest area is perfect for concealing the hips. Not to mention, the way the flowy draping fabric falls on the hips makes for some gorgeous curves. Empire cut clothes are also perfect if you want to hide a bulging tummy.

empire cut top

empire cut maxi

  • Wear wrap around dresses – wrap around dresses are very flattering for women who have wide hips. It’s a great piece to wear if you want something fun and feminine to hide your wide hips. Of course, you will have to choose a wrap dress that will flatter your figure well. One that fits tightly over the bust and torso and has a flared skirt will do very well in this and so will one with a pencil cut.

wrap dress outfit wrap dress

  • Dark bottoms – the age old trick of wearing dark colors to achieve a slimmer silhouette also works for concealing wide hips. You can wear just about any kind of bottom you want, be it a skirt, shorts, pants or leggings in a dark color like black, navy blue or chocolate brown and it will help make your hips narrower and slimmer. You can also wear dark colored dresses.

dark pants dark

  • A line dresses or skirts – because A-line dresses and skirts flare away from the hips, it could also help narrow down wide hips. This is perfect for women who have wide hips and still want to dress up in fun, flirty and girly outfits. A-line dresses with a plunging neckline can also help take the attention upwards and away from the hips. Naturally, your plunging neckline will have to be at a depth that you’re most comfortable with.

a line dress a line

Remember the key to looking good, no matter what you body shape / figure is, is to be confident in your own skin. All your efforts to flatter your figure would only go to waste if you aren’t confident with your body.