What to Wear on a Cruise

Going on a cruise is definitely a very cool opportunity. Just imagine going places on a ship that has everything you could ever need and dream of – from casual diners to fancy restaurants and cool bars to swimming pools and tennis courts to super clubs with rocking parties to lush and extravagant shops and everything else. If there’s one downside to cruising, though, it’s that you have a limited wardrobe pretty much like travelling in general. So, because of this, it’s important that you know what to wear on a cruise so that you can pack all the essentials and still be stylish while at sea.

  • Wrinkle-resistant clothing – most cruise ships offer ironing services but they do so at a rather hefty price. To save on some cash, pack clothes made from wrinkle-resistant material. You wouldn’t want to go out there and mingle looking like you just rolled out of bed, now, would you?

wrinkle resistant outfit ideal cruise outfit

  • Sunglasses – you will want to spend a lot of time on the deck, appreciating the cool, calm waters but you can’t do that with the sun getting in your eyes. Make sure to bring sunglasses so you can have a better view of the scenery at daytime. They’ll also come in handy in case you decide to go sunbathing by the pool.


  • Button down shirts – an easy go-to piece for a casual but polished look. You can wear button downs with shorts, skirts, or pants – whatever you’ve got packed! Denim, white and other neutral colors will help widen your wardrobe.

button down

  • Shorts – forget about your jeans for a while and take a few couple pairs of shorts with you on your cruise instead. Not only do shorts take less space in your luggage, they’re also more comfortable for lounging around. Go for neutral colors so you can easily mix and match.


  • Maxi dress – another great piece for lounging around, this time showing off more of your girly side. Maxi dresses can also double as bikini cover-ups so they’re great luggage space savers.

maxi dress

  • Swimwear – these are optional but one or a couple pairs of bikinis should be enough if you want to enjoy the sun and swim in the ship’s pool during the cruise.


  • Evening dress – one or two will do. You will be using these for the formal dinner parties on board which are held about once or twice every week, depending on how long your cruise is.

dinner dress

  • Footwear – cruises often have a casual environment during the day so flats, flip flops and sandals are what you should pack. Do pack at least one pair of gorgeous heels, though, because most cruise ships host at least one or two formal dinner events throughout the cruise.


  • The Essentials – of course, don’t forget to pack the essentials like sleep wear, undergarments, hosiery, and some comfy pieces you can change in to when you’re just in your suite.

sleep wear