What to Wear on a First Date

Going on a first date, there are probably a lot running through your mind: “will he like me?”, “will he like my makeup?”, “what should I say?”, “how should I respond if he makes a joke?”, “how do I keep the conversation going?” and more but what you should actually really be thinking about firs is what you would wear. What you wear on a first date helps create the other person’s first impression of you. Because of this, you wouldn’t want anything too sexy to make him think you’re cheap and easy yet nothing too boring to make him think you’re dull. Finding the perfect outfit to wear on a first date can be, after all, quite a task. Here’s a quick guide to help you in looking for what to wear on a first date:

  • Avoid anything too flirty – so a little cleavage is fine and showing off those slender long legs you consider as one of your assets can make you look a bit more attractive too but be sure to know where to draw the line. If you wear an outfit that’s too flirty, you may go from future girlfriend material to one night stand date in a jiffy.

lunch date outfit casual

  • Ask to avoid overdressing and underdressing – are you too dressed or not dressed enough for your date? You’ll never know until you ask what his plans are. Is it a more casual lunch date, a date over coffee or tea in the afternoon or a more formal dinner date at some fancy restaurant? Asking where your date intends to take you will help you decide what outfit to pick.


chic outfit

  • Don’t force yourself into designer clothes – so, you’ve got a few designer pieces that are really nice that you like to wear on special events but they don’t seem right for the kind of date you’re going for, say a really glitzy glamorous dress for a lunch date at the local café. Don’t force yourself into wearing it. most guys  don’t even know if you’re wearing Prada or nada so don’t fuss.

semi formal outfit cute first date outfit

  • Try to really bring out your feminine side – when picking out an outfit to wear for a first date, try to go with skirts and dresses instead of jeans. Sure, the latter is so much more comfortable to wear but if you can carry yourself in a skirt or a dress comfortably, do it. At least for the first date, that is. Guys are easily charmed by women who look dainty and girly so wearing a dress or a skirt could really help build his first impression of you quite well.

simple and chic dainty

  • Comfort before style – picking style over comfort is one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of women make when picking an outfit for a first date. When deciding on what to wear, make sure it is comfortable first and stylish next; not the other way around. Remember, nothing is more annoying and distracting for a guy on a first date than his date fidgeting and wiggling around uncomfortably.

girly outfit girly outfit