What to Wear on a Girls’ Night Out

Going out on a girls’ night out with your best girl friends is so exciting! You just know that there’s going to be a lot of talking, laughing, crushing on boys and other fun stuff that you don’t regularly get to do with other friends and acquaintances. Aside from all theses, of course, there will be fun discussions about beauty and fashion and all the latest trends. I like to go out with my girl friends as much as I can but there are lots of everyday things that get in the way so whenever I get the chance, I grab it. One thing that I always stress about when I go on a girls’ nigh out, though, is what to wear. Not that my friends are going to make fun of me if I wear something hideous or anything. There’s just this ‘natural urge’ (I guess?) for us women to want to look our best every time we’re headed out, especially when we’re bound to meet equally fashion-passionate people. So, what to wear on a girls’ night out? Here are some ideas.

  • Sequins – if you’re headed out for a night full of partying with your girls, something shiny and sparkly is sure to make you stand out. Wearing sequins may not be something you do every day, especially in the daytime, but nighttime parties and get-togethers are the perfect excuse to do so! Make sure that you’re wearing sequins in moderation, though. You don’t want to outshine that mirror ball at the dance floor. Wear one sequined piece at a time then keep the rest low key.

black and gold sequin dress gold sequin top lace and sequins

chunky sequin jacket

  • Your LBD – girl friends just called a few minutes ago for an impromptu get together? Don’t fuss! If you barely have time to shop for or put together a cute outfit, get your trusty ol’ LBD and rock that bad boy! Don’t worry about having worn it already on another occasion or a previous fun night out with the same people, just make sure you switch up your accessories and you’ll have a totally different look again! I like wearing my LBD with gold accents and accessories for an elegant look but when I need to dress it down for a fun and rowdy night, I usually wear it with a denim jacket, flats (or sometimes even sneakers) and have a blast.

drop waist lbd elegant lbd outfit trapeze style lbd simple classic lbd

  • A leather jacket – every woman needs a good leather jacket in her wardrobe to keep her warm on cold nights. If you have a cute top or dress that you want to wear but you know it’s going to make you feel cold while you’re out, go ahead and wear that and simply top it off with a leather jacket. Your leather jacket will not only keep you warm, it’s sure to give your outfit a sexy edge.

brown moto jacket easy street style outfit leather jacket outfit jacket and dress fall nigh out outfit

  • Jumpsuit / romper – need something quick, easy and fabulous? If you don’t think you can pull off another look with your LBD, go for a jumpsuit or a romper instead. These one-piece wonders are sure to make you look great for your much anticipated night out with the girls. Just pair your jumpsuit / romper up with sexy heels and you’re ready for that rendezvous.

sexy leather peplum romper peplum romper navy sweeheart jumpsuit divine white jumpsuit