What to Wear on Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year is just right around the corner and whether you’re Chinese or not, I know you still somehow acknowledge and maybe even participate in this holiday because it is celebrated in most parts of the world, especially in places where various cultures including Chinese have melted into one beautiful mix. In case you’re looking for ideas on what to wear on Chinese New Year, look no further because we have got you covered. Check out these awesome ideas below.

  • THE WESTERN APPROACH – if you’re a Westerner joining in to celebrate the Lunar New Year with your Chinese friends, you don’t have to feel obligated to wear anything traditional but adding a few pops of the color red would be ideal to show your respect and support to the event being celebrated.

pop of red on neutrals pop of red pops of red with gray dress

  • TRADITIONAL GLAM – want a more traditional approach to Chinese New Year party dressing? Choose to wear red. Red is always a safe choice. Red is a color that is always approved of in the Chinese community for events like Chinese New Year. Mix and match it with yellow and/or gold accessories and accents for a truly traditional color combo.

Caption red and gold outfit combo red and gold outfit red dress simple

  • CHEONGSAM CHICK – another traditional look that you can wear to a Chinese New Year’s party is a cheongsam. Otherwise known as a QiPao, the cheongsam is a great option to consider if you want to take the traditional route but still have lots of freedom when it comes to choosing the colors to wear. A cheongsam is a great choice, too, if you’re looking for something very ladylike and elegant.

cheongsam by mulberry cheongsam in orange and blue cheongsam in orange and blue

  • FENGSHUI FANCY – now, let’s talk fengshui. As mentioned earlier, this year is the year of the Wooden Sheep and, if you believe in fengshui, you’ll want to wear colors that are in harmony with the Wood element and those are all hues of green and brown. Water and Earth friendly colors like black and blue are great, too, as these elements support wood in its growth. Experts say the more colors you have of these, the better luck will cling on to you so wear them on your accessories too!

fenghui color scheme fengshui approved look fengshui colors

Are you headed to any Chinese New Years parties this month? If so, what are you wearing? Tell us in the comments below! We’d love to know how you glam girls dress up for such exciting cultural events like this one!