What to Wear on Christmas Day

Christmas is one of the biggest days we look forward to all year. Once the holiday season starts, we start planning out for Christmas. We think of things that we can do on that day, what we can cook for family and friends who are coming over and of course, what to wear. Even though some prefer to spend the whole Christmas day at home with the family, they still like to dress up for this special occasion. As for those who have the tradition of spending Christmas outside or visiting family and friends, dressing up and looking fab is also a must. Here’s what’s on top of our list for what to wear on Christmas day:

  • A Christmas sweater – okay, so let’s start with the most exciting part of the day: Christmas morning! Christmas morning is very special for a lot of people because it’s the time for them to open up presents. Instead of going down in your robe or pajamas, why not cozy up in a Christmas sweater to make you feel the Christmas season even more? Fairisle patterns are very popular for Christmas sweaters but those personalized knitted sweaters from granny would be super cute, too!

christmas sweater outfit christmas sweater

  • Something red – red is one of the most popular colors of Christmas and what better way to bask in the glory of Christmas day than to wear red? If you’re staying home, why not make the family wear red and take a few couple of family pictures that will bring you endless smiles in the days to come? If you’re going out for lunch, a pretty red dress would be a really nice choice. You can also introduce the color red through your accessories if you aren’t very much into looking very Christmas-y.

red christmas outfit


  • A little black dress – if you’re going out for Christmas day dinner or if you’re hosting it at home for family and friends and you haven’t got much time to plan out your outfit, the Little Black Dress is just as reliable on Christmas as it is any other day of the year. Glam it up with some gold accessories if you’re going for an elegant look or add some red accents if you want to keep up with the Christmas spirit.

LBD outfit LBD

  • Something glittery and shimmery – going to a Christmas day celebration party? Make sure you look your best by wearing something glittery and shimmery. A nice glitter dress would be a wonderful choice or you can also go with a cute sequined top. Of course, you have to make sure not to go overboard on the glitter and shimmer. Otherwise, you might be blinding other guests with your bling.

shimmer and glitter shimmer

  • A warm coat – got the whole Christmas day planned outdoors? Make sure you don’t get cold by wearing a cute cozy coat. A white fur coat is an easy way to wear the winter white trend which is perfect for Christmas. Tweed coats are also great if it’s starting to get real chilly outside. You don’t have to buy a new coat, you can wear any coat that you already have.

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