What to wear to a concert – 14 Outfit Ideas

what to wear to a concertWhat to wear to a  rock  or country concert -find the best concert attire!

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If you plan on attending a concert, you don’t have to be stuck in a fashion rut of wearing the band’s shirt. While this shows your devotion to the artists, you can be chic and comfortable (if you want to) while enjoying the live music from your most-awaited concert. Here are some trendy ideas which you can take to a jam-packed concert.

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Cotton top. While a silk or polyester top can make you look beautiful in a concert, chances are you’ll end up sweating heavily by the end of the concert, after dancing and waving your hands up in the air. By wearing a fashionable cotton top, you can remain refreshed all night long.

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Light bottoms. Instead of long denim pants, go for capri pants or cropped pants. These bottoms will give your legs some breathing room, in case you feel the need to dance in the middle of the groovy songs of your favorite artist.

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outdoor concert outfit

outdoor concert outfit

Jacket. If you live in a chilly or windy area, then it’s a must for you to bring a jacket along with you. Most concerts are held at night, and if you don’t want your teeth to clatter come midnight, then you need to have a handy jacket by your side.

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Comfy shoes. Ditch your favorite stilettos or wedge heels for a concert.

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Unless you’re going to a classic music concert where you’re going to be seated for most of the time, comfy flats or rubber shoes are the best footwear choices for this event. If you’re going to a pop or rock concert, you’ll be on your feet most of the time, screaming your lungs out.

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So if you don’t want to have calluses or corns by the end of the night, make sure to wear comfy shoes to the concert.

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Accessible bag. Attending a concert is like participating in a campfire. You need to be ready at all times.That means you have to have a bottle of water, snacks, tissues, and a headgear with you. Avoid taking an elaborate bag with numerous embellishments as they can get snagged along the way. A minimal, fuss-free bag which is easy to open is the best tote to have for a concert.

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Simple baubles. Again, getting fashionable in a concert can be done by putting simple baubles around your body. Avoid dangling earrings, necklaces and bracelets that can be easily snagged in a crowded concert as you can lose them easily.

Country concert outfit

country concert outfit

Summer concert outfit

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Cool rock style outfit

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