What to Wear to a Concert

Concerts are very exciting. They’re one of the few times that you’re able to see your favorite stars perform live and in the flesh. Despite the rather hefty price tag, people still see concerts because it’s one way for them to have the chance to meet their favorite performers. There are different kinds of concerts and these calls for different outfits as well. If you’re looking for tips on what to wear to a concert, look no further because we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you different outfits that you can wear to different concerts.

  • Rock concert – not a lot of women dig rock and roll or heavy metal music but if you’re one of the few who actually do or if you’re going to one with your boyfriend or friends, you’ll need an outfit that’s going to kick ass! Rock concerts are the perfect time to unleash the bad girl fashionista in you. A graphic band shirt, leather jacket, a pair of ripped or distressed jeans or shorts and leather boots (the biker boots kind would work best) would make for a very cool outfit with an attitude. Of course, some spikes and studs here and there won’t hurt too!

rock concert outfit rock concert

  • Country – country music is really making it big today. With talents like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean, it’s not so hard to see why this genre has a huge following. Plaid shirts and jeans are very popular for a country music concert outfit but you can also wear a nice girly dress paired with cowboy boots if you want to show a more delicate and feminine style. And, of course, a country inspired outfit is never complete without a cowboy hat so be sure to throw that in as well.

country outfit

country concert outfit

  • Hip hop and RnB – Hip hop and RnB is perhaps the most popular music genre with the youth today. These concerts are always where the ‘cool kids’ are and if you’re going to one, you’re gonna need to look equally cool and stylish. You’ll want something that’s not too tight, so you can dance when the music comes on. Popular clothing items worn for hip hop and RnB concerts include harlem pants, tank tops, crop hoodies, crop tops and shorts while accessories are mainly snapback caps, big bling and cool kicks.

hip hop outfit hip hop styles

  • Pop – pop concerts are the easiest to dress up for. You can basically wear anything in your closet to a pop concert. As long as your outfit is on trend then you’re good to go because that’s what pop is all about.

pop concert look pop concert outfit pop outfit