What to Wear to a Day Date

Going on a date shouldn’t take all of your day just thinking about and preparing on what to wear although it wouldn’t hurt to take a little more time to make sure that you look decent and chic. Whether it’s a first date, a date with your long-time boyfriend or even a date with you husband, one thing is for sure: you want to look perfect, at least in his eyes. We always see guides and tips on what to wear to a date night but there aren’t much written on what to wear for a daytime date so we thought we’d come up with a quick but helpful guide on what to wear to a day date. Read on and check them out below.

  • Something girly – even if your regular day to day style isn’t very girly, try to don on something rather feminine when going on a date. Men always love it when women look dainty and feminine, especially when on a date. The best way to achieve a nice, girly look is, of course, to wear dresses and skirts but if you’re someone who isn’t very confident or comfortable with wearing such pieces you can still girl up your look by opting for pieces with a soft, flowy silhouette or pieces that come in girly colors.

street style day date outfit dainty cute outfit

  • Something subtly sexy – wearing something sexy makes you feel sexy but make sure you don’t overdo it. You’ll want something just right and something just enough to highlight your assets instead of something that will make you look cheap, easy and trashy. Don’t show too much cleavage up top and try to keep a good amount of skin covered when wearing skirts, dresses or shorts.

classy sexy outfit

very simple outfit

  • Something simple – day dates are often casual so you can look casual, too. Keep in mind, though, that casual does not mean sloppy so still make an effort to look decent and stylish. You don’t have to pile on layers and layers of clothes and accessories. Keep it simple so your true style and beauty shines through. Keeping it simple also keeps your date from thinking that you’re the high maintenance type, especially if it’s a first date (yes, they sometimes judge women on that area).

cool stylish day date outfit simple date outfit

  • Something comfortable – no matter how stylish the outfit you’ve put together is, it won’t matter if you aren’t at all comfortable in it. Wear something that you would be comfortable in so you don’t have to keep adjusting and fidgeting while you’re on a date, leaving your date wondering what is wrong. Wearing a comfy outfit also makes it easier for you to just be yourself because you wouldn’t have to worry about pretending to be okay and what not.

cute and casual chic day date outfit

  • Something that flatters your figure – lastly, when dressing up for a day date, or any other kind of date for that matter, choose pieces that will flatter your figure. Knowing that you look good makes you feel more confident about yourself and there’s nothing sexier, prettier more gorgeous and more attractive than a woman who is confident in her own skin.

girly day date outfit fun and hip day date outfit