What to Wear to a Go See

The world of modeling seems so glamorous and fabulous which is why a lot of girls aim to pursue a career in this industry. It’s like an exclusive group where only the tallest, sexiest and prettiest girls are allowed. Landing a gig as a model, though, can be pretty difficult. You’ll have to go to all the castings and go sees that you can go to before you actually get booked.  One of the most important things to consider when going in for a go see is the outfit that you will be wearing. Here are some tips on what to wear to a go see to make the experience easier and more enjoyable for you.

  • Wear as little as you can – this doesn’t mean you should come in to a go see scantily clad wearing only your underwear or a bikini. Wearing as little as you can means you should only wear the essentials. A basic tank top or shirt and jeans are often the best outfit to wear to a go see because it’s simple and will allow your potential client to see as much of YOU as they can. Shorts are okay, too , as long as they are of decent length.

shirt and jeans outfit

  • Avoid layering – yes, layering helps create depth and dimension to your outfit and it helps make your outfit look chic too but in a go see, it’s your modeling skills that your client will be looking at and not how well you can put an outfit together. Plus, layering hides your true body figure / shape and that’s one of the things your client will be judging as well.


possible outfit

  • Wear flats but bring heels – during your go see, one of the biggest things you will be judged upon is your walk. Some clients will ask you to walk bare foot, some will ask you to walk in whatever shoes you’re wearing and that’s why it’s ideal to wear flats. They’re comfortable and you’re less likely to trip in them. However, some clients will also require you to walk in heels. Bring your own pair of heels and don’t expect a pair to be waiting for you at the go see venue.  Make sure that the pair you bring is the one that you’re most comfortable with. It would also help if you would practice walking in the heels you plan on bringing to your go see.

lbd go see model casting

  • Minimal make up – if it isn’t clear by now, let me say it again: your potential clients want to see you in your most natural state when you go in for a go see. This is not just true for your body but for your face as well. They want to see if your facial features qualify for the makeup theme they’re planning to use / are currently using. A tinted moisturizer, blush, lip gloss and mascara should be enough.

casual tshirt and jeans

  • No accessories – no earrings, necklace, bracelet, ear cuffs, belly button rings or any other accessories that may take the focus away from you and your features. Again, let yourself shine and don’t try to hide yourself behind unnecessary things like makeup and accessories.

go see outfit go see