What to wear to an interview?


What to wear to an interview for women ? An interview is the key to finding the right job for one self but three things that make an interview successful are the way you dress, presence of mind while answering the interviewer’s questions and the portfolio of your work.

what to wear to an interview
Classy Interview Wear


The latter two could be a part of one’s personality and academic achievements respectively and not much guide is needed to attain perfection but the former one, what to wear to an job interview could be a serious problem for some as the first impression is the last impression and this impression could be imparted by your dressing.

classical official wear for women
classical official wear for women

interview wear
interview wear

While in the bewilderment of preparing for the interview, sometimes one tends to pay less attention to the attire part, thus ending up in a not-an-interview-style. Men have less choices and therefore could be in less trouble when the question of what to wear and what not to wear to an interview arises. The real problem is for women.



how to choose interview clothes for women
how to choose interview clothes for women

A few common points for what to wear for an interview for women are:


interview  clothing set
interview clothing

Color of the suit: Professional colors are Navy blue, Grey and Black.

Cute wear for business women

cute wear for business women
Style of the suit: Professional styles are skirt suit or pant suit.

what to wear to an interview for women
What to wear under a suit Jacket: If a fresh graduate, a white collared shirt is a perfect match, if a bit older, then a round or v-neck top with a decent necklace will be best suitable.

stylish official women wear
Color of under suit jacket: Shirt or top, white is compatible with all the three colors i.e. navy blue, grey or black.
Shoes’ color: Black is an appropriate match for every color and shade.
Shoes’ style: Closed toe shoes with an approximate of 2 to 3 inch heel are highly recommended.
Handbag: A classic, spacious tote bag is the right choice to carry to an interview.
Perfumes: Not every one is comfortable with perfumes so it will be safe catch not to wear a perfume for an interview.
Make-up: Should be very light, just to give you fresh and tidy look.

business wear for women

These are few important guidelines to follow when selecting the right clothes and accessories to wear to a job interview. Some details about what not to wear to an interviewshould also be kept in mind. These include tidily manicured nails with light or transparent polish color. Clothes should be properly fitted i.e. they must be not too tight or not too loose. Hair style should be elegant with natural hair dye color. There must be no noticeable tattoos or extra piercing on earlobe or tongue.

Stylish inteview wear for women

These are a few tips for women to abide by when going for an interview.