What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding

Aside from warmer temps and fresh flowers coming to bloom, is there anything more we can expect from springtime? Well yes, actually. Another thing to look forward to this season are romantic spring weddings. Spring weddings are always lovely and magical, especially when done outdoors. All the elements of nature make it look just so much more enchanting and splendid. Have you gotten you’re an invite to a wedding this season yet? Have you already put together an outfit to wear for that wonderful day? In case you haven’t already, check out our tips on what to wear to an outdoor spring wedding.

  • Maxi dress – a maxi dress is actually a really nice outfit to wear if you’re going to an outdoor spring wedding. It’s light and airy so you don’t get too hot while you’re out in the sun and it’s quite stylish with a hint of romantic, too. Aside from that, you’re absolutely sure to find a style / design that would fit the dress code, if any, at the said wedding. What’s even greater is that you get to wear your maxi dress even after the wedding, for other occasions or on ordinary days when you just want to feel extra glamorous, unlike more formal gowns and dresses you usually have to wear for church weddings.

maxi dress maxi floralmaxi blue

  • Lace dress – if you want something girly, romantic and a little bit flirty yet elegant, you should definitely go for a lace dress. Lace dresses are always a good choice to go with when looking for an outfit to wear as a guest to a wedding, regardless of whether it’s indoors or outdoors and no matter what season. What makes it really nice for an outdoor spring wedding, though, is that it blends in really well with the fancy, romantic environment. Now, since lace is also considered a ‘wedding-y’ material, you’ll want to look for a dress that doesn’t have too much of a bridal silhouette. Otherwise, people might mistake you for the bride. You might also want to steer clear of the color white to get rid of that ‘wedding-y’ look and feel. Instead, go for other colors like blush or old rose.

lace dress lace dress outfit

  • Midi skirt – if you’re looking for an outfit that’s less girly, more simple but still looks nice and feminine, how about a midi skirt and a really cute top? You can wear it as plain or as festive as you want, depending on your mood or the whole vibe from the wedding. Make sure you wear super nice shoes when wearing a midi skirt. The length sometimes tends to draw attention to your feet and you want to have something nice down there when people do glance.

midi red midi pink

  • Shorts suit – want something more fashion-forward and a little edgy? Sporting a shorts suit is definitely the way to go! You’ll surely stand out from the crowd with these and be the best dresses guest. Try not to get your shorts too short, though. You want something decent and wholesome for a wedding event and you don’t want people shooting you odd looks for wearing something too short and trying to take all the attention away from the couple.

 shorts suit shorts suit outfitshort suit floral