What to Wear to Different Kinds of Dates

Preparing to go out on a date sure is exciting but it can take up quite a lot of your time, too. You’d have to spend some time planning on how to do your makeup, what to do with your hair and, of course, what to wear. Regardless of what kind of date it is that you’re going to and whether it’s your boyfriend, your husband or just someone you’re starting to getting to know more of, one thing is for sure: you’d want to look gorgeous and attractive. To make it a bit easier for you, we’ve come up with a list of tips for what to wear to different kinds of dates. If you have a date coming up, read on below and check them out.

  • Day date – dates during the day are usually pretty casual so you really don’t have to exert much effort into planning on what to wear since you can just keep your outfit casual as well.  Keep in mind, though, that casual doesn’t mean sloppy or tacky or unkempt. A beautiful sun dress topped off with a denim jacket or a t-shirt and jeans kind of outfit dressed up with some pretty accessories and finished off with a pair of stunning shoes should be sufficient for a day dates, be it lunch at the corner street café or coffee at Starbucks or a just a quick bite at your favorite fast food.

street style outfit for day dates casual day date

  • ‘Hang out with his friends’ date – if you’re the kind of girlfriend who gets along with your man’s guy friends, he’s probably gonna call you up to hang out with him and his friends on certain days like the playoffs, the Super Bowl, etc. So, what do you wear on a ‘date’ like this? Wear something comfy that wouldn’t require you adjusting anything every so often. A sweatshirt, pants and some boots, a moto jacket on top of a tank top or your home team’s fan jersey if you have one (especially on game day).

hang out with friends date

one of the boys outfit

  • Adventurous date – if you’ve known the guy you’ve been dating for some time now, he may already be confident enough to ask you out on a date that doesn’t involve strolling aimlessly or eating while you talk about your feeling for one another but instead one that’s more adventurous and perhaps even sporty like a hiking date, a date over a game of pool or at the bowling alley. For these kinds of dates, a comfy pair of shoes is a must. You wouldn’t have to be tripping while you’re actively having fun with your date, now, would you? As for your outfit, anything cute and comfy should do.

fun and sporty date outfit sporty date outfit

  • Group date with friends – a lot of women get pressured to look their best for group dates simply because there will be other women (read: competition) present during the date. If you’re going on a group date with other couples who are your friends, wear something that you know flatters your figure for an easy and effortlessly gorgeous outfit that will sure make you look wonderful. Don’t bother about fitting in, just sport your own style and stand out!

simple group date outfit group date outfit

  • Fancy party date – another kind of date that puts a lot of pressure on women is when their dates take them to a fancy party. You’ll want to look your best because there will be lots of people that you’ll meet and come across with so make sure you wear something that will make you look chic. A little black dress is a surefire way to look stunning for the night but if you want to spice it up a little bit, go for a little red dress instead.

sexy LRD date outfit edgy and fancy outfit