What to Wear to Look Fab in Your 30s

Looking fabulous and stylish isn’t limited to a certain age. Everyone should definitely look and feel gorgeous, no matter how young or how old you are. However, what made you look great when you were in your teens is probably not going to work for you in your twenties the same way that the clothes that used to flatter you in your twenties won’t necessarily be able to do so anymore once you reach your thirties. A good wardrobe is one that grows and matures with you so updating it frequently is key to looking good all the time. One of the biggest transitions you have to make in life and in your wardrobe is going from your 20s to your 30s. You’ll have to ditch the ‘young, wild and free’ image and go for a more mature look (though a little bit of being young, wild and free every now and then never hurt). Here are some tips on what to wear to look fab in your 30s.

  • A leather jacket – and while you’re at it (and you don’t mind), try your best to invest in a real leather jacket that will last you years because this is the piece that you will be able to wear when you want to add a bit of sophisticated edge to any of your outfits from here on. It’s also something you can wear if you want to go for a subtle cool and hip look.

chic leather jacket cool leather jacket outfit

  • Cashmere sweaters – forget about those chunky cable knits you used to wear with nothing but either tights or leggings. Once you hit your 30s, you’ll want something more polished yet just as comfy and nothing does the job better than a cute cashmere sweater. Wear this from desk to dinner with a pencil skirt or a pair of jeans and you’re sure to turn heads anywhere.

gray cashmere sweater

cashmere sweater dress

  • A trench coat – it may have seemed indispensable in your 20s but there will come a time when that parka just isn’t going to work for you anymore and so will that anorak. When you hit your 30s, invest in a classic trench coat that you can use to bundle up in during colder days. A classic trench coat has a very chic and sophisticated look that’s perfect for ladies who want to look classy and elegant despite the cold weather.

soft mint trench posh white trench coat

  • Blazers – you used to wear them in your 20s to polish up those distressed denim shorts but now that you’re in your 30s, they’re more of a necessity than just a layering piece. Wearing a blazer on top of any outfit gives it that instant ‘grown up’ look. It’s also a great way to keep yourself warm in a fully air-conditioned workplace.

classic black blazer tweed striped blazer

  • Tailored trousers – sure, shorts and jeans may still work for you but on days when you feel like you don’t mind telling the world that you’re a 30-something fab fashionista, you’ll need tailored trousers to go along with you. Tailored trousers are a step-up from the skinny black pants you used to wear back in your 20s. it’s what you can wear when you want to ‘power up’ your look.

white pant trouser mid rise tailored trousers