What To Wear To Sunday Brunch This Summer

I know, I know. Today is still Monday. But hey, aren’t we all holding out for the weekends no matter what weekday it is? Saturdays are usually when you go out and loosen up after a tiring week and Sundays are usually when we bum around and take things easy. We stay glued to our beds until nine in the morning and get up at ten. And Sunday brunch is made.

Sunday brunch is also a really good excuse for drinking early in the morning and having dessert for breakfast. So who wouldn’t like that? From dressing for comfort to a fancier get-together, I have here the pieces and outfits you want to wear for Sunday brunch this summer.

  • Dress and heels
    A typical Sunday brunch outfit is a feminine dress and heels. Particularly, if you’re attending to a get-together or something fancy, you’d want to doll up. A light and breezy dress and heels is the easiest outfit to go.
    lace dress brunch
    floral maxi dress and heels
  • Dresses and boots
    If you want to get more comfortable (and probably a little edgy) you can replace your heels with a comfy boots. There’s a certain character to the outfit and it tones down the girliness of the dress.
    high low dress and boots
    lacy dress and metallic edgy boots
  • Crop tops
    If you want to wear crop tops for a weekend brunch, you have to consider where you’re going and the dressiness or casualness of the top. I honestly think that a well-tailored plain white crop top is the go-to for any kind of brunch, whether it’s low-key or fancy. And it’s dressy in its own rights.
    floral capri pants and white crop top
    crop top and floral skirt lily collins
  • Full Skirts
    You can go two ways with a full skirt. If you pair it with a girly top and accessories, it will be good for a semi-formal brunch. If you’re opting for something comfortable yet stylish, you could pair it with a graphic top.
    MBFW Street Style New York Day 1 SS15
    marble print top and full skirt
  • Lace skirts
    Lace skirts are extremely romantic and definitely a dressy garment. You could wear it with a simple top and the feminine touch of the skirt will still pretty much stand out.
    lace skirt and crop top
    lace skirt and top
  • Denim skirts
    Typically, you wouldn’t be wearing denim-anything to brunch. But for those of you who would just love a simple and casual brunch with your friends, why not? We can all guarantee that denim is, hands down, one of the most versatile textile there is. Pair a simple denim skirt with a cute top and accessories and you’re good to go.
    button front skirt and shirt
    denim skirt and lacy top
  • For business-related brunch
    There are those of us who are, at times, unfortunate to spend their Sundays to something business- or work-related like being invited to brunch. So you might as well get the fun out of the event by dressing in your very best. Since it’s Sunday, you don’t necessarily have to wear your blazer so put little details of dressiness in your outfit. Just remember to keep your silhouette smooth and sleek.
    leopard top and white midi skirt
    white blouse and pencil skirt business brunch
  • Tunics and pants
    This outfit combination was one of the most inspiring outfits I’ve seen during the Australian Fashion Week. The tunic gives a dressy vibe to the outfit but, unlike wearing leggings or tights, the pants underneath tones it down. Whether you’re going for a pair of dress pants or jeans, try to look for one with a slight flare or looseness at the hem. Don’t go for skinny jeans.
    tunic blazer and dress pants
    leather jacket denim tunic and flare jeans
  • Dressy trousers
    You might not be in the mood to flaunt on the streets in a dress or skirt and we all know that we want to keep out of denim jeans if possible. So go for a dress pants or any silky pants with bold prints. Pair it with a plain silky blouse and costume jewelry. You may not be wearing girly skirts or dresses but you still look fitting to be at a fancy brunch.
    silk blouse and dressy trouserscollared shirt and dressy trousers
  • Comfy wide legged pants
    And of course for those who are spending their lazy late Sunday morning in a low-key place, a pair of comfy wide-legged pants is suitable for you. You don’t have to wear anything dressy or fancy at the top. Just slip on a pair of heels and you’ll be good for a casual Sunday brunch.
    loose top and wide legged pants
    wide legged pants and turtleneck top