What to Wear to the Super Bowl

It’s official! The Denver Broncos are fighting against the Seattle Seahawks for Super Bowl 48 on February 2, 2014. That’s just a few weeks away! Now, just because it’s a man game does not mean you don’t have to look cute while you watch and cheer for your team. Read about our ideas on what to wear to the Super Bowl below and see what outfits you can sport to the most anticipated football game of the year.

  • An all white ensemble – it may seem too cliché to wear an all white ensemble to a sporting event but there’s actually a reason behind an all white ensemble being ideal for watching and cheering at sports events. One of the biggest reasons why white clothes make a great choice for game day outfits is because it’s easy to add in other colors to it. White serves as a blank canvass for you to color with your team’s hues.

all white outfit all white

  • Jeans – you know how it goes at the stadium: you have to pass through rows and rows of people before you actually get to your seat and be able to enjoy the game. To make sure you avoid any blunders and wardrobe malfunctions of any sort, wear jeans. Jeans are comfy, they’re stylish and they go well with just about anything you decide to wear. They cover you up pretty nicely and decently so you can confidently walk through and pass in front of other people without worrying that they’ll see something they’re not supposed to see.


jeans outfit

  • Flat shoes – by now, it should be clear to you that when you’re watching a game at the stadium / arena, you should go for comfort first and style next. It can be so tempting to pair that cute outfit you came up with with a sexy pair of heels to look totally chic, it would be way too impractical. You could trip, stumble and fall while finding your way through the bleachers.  Avoid this and wear flat shoes instead. Ballet flats are equally stylish and cute but are much safer. Trainers would also be a good choice as they could lend your outfit an athletic vibe that’s perfect for the event.

casual flat shoes casual flat shoes outfit

  • Your team’s colors – show off a bit of your team spirit by incorporating your team’s color into your outfit. Rooting for the Broncos? How about an orange shirt with blue piping? Cheering for the Seahawks? Why not don on a cute blue and green baseball cap? These don’t necessarily hav e to bear your team’s name on them. Just having a bit of your team’s color should be enough.

team colors team color outfit

  • Team gear – on the other hand, if you’re a hardcore fan of the teams that are playing, wearing team gear while you watch the game at the stadium is one of the best ways to show your support. Usually, you can order team gear from the team’s website but sometimes you can also find them at the stadium where you can buy them on the spot.

team gear outfit team gear